1.2 trillion ice is destroyed annually due to climate change


A new study has revealed that the world’s glacier melting rate is happening much faster than predicted. Accordingly, the world loses 1.2 trillion tons of ice a year.

The world is now COVID-19 is grappling with the epidemic and with the vaccines developed and the ongoing vaccination studies, an important step has been taken in the fight against the epidemic. But a far greater danger than COVID-19, which we cannot deal with without mass struggles, is at our door: Climate change.

Global warming and climate changeis the biggest threat to life on earth. Moreover, we may be taking this danger lightly. According to a new study, the impact of climate change on Earth’s glaciers is much more than predicted.

Melting rate of glaciers is higher than thought


The melting rate of glaciers is on par with the worst case scenario of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, according to a new report in The Cryosphere magazine. Thomas Slater, lead author of the study, the rise in water level He said that this century will have a high impact on coastal residents.

About 28 trillion tons of ice disappeared between 1994 and 2017. Two-thirds of this was due to the temperature in the atmosphere, and the remaining third to the rising sea temperature. It is estimated that 0.8 trillion tons of ice melted annually in the 1990s, but by 2017 this amount increased to 1.2 trillion tons per year. Ice losses in this period 35 mm global sea level means it has raised.

In the near future that the ice melting rate will continue to accelerate estimated. A study conducted by NASA in Greenland revealed that 74 major glaciers in the region were weakened. In a study published in Science Advances, it was stated that scientists failed to calculate the undercut that oceans make to glaciers.


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NASA glacier researcher Eric Rignot described this as cutting of feet rather than melting of the whole body. Rignot, “Unlike the melting of the whole body, when the feet melt, the whole body falls down. This is an example of the conservative current projections.” said.

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