1 Billion Children at Risk

UNICEF has published a report that reveals how the climate crisis will affect children at a time when the climate crisis is on the agenda of the whole world. In the report titled “The climate crisis is a crisis of children’s rights”, it was emphasized that approximately 1 billion children will be affected by the disasters and epidemics brought about by the climate crisis.

The recent disasters all over the world have led to more talk of the disaster scenarios created by the climate crisis for our future. The more we face its effects, the better we understand its reality and seriousness. climate crisis, it has already begun to affect nature and human life irreversibly.

Working on the effects of the crisis on children and their future UNICEF, by examining the issue through perhaps the most critical point that needs to be evaluated, and a report published.

“Every child in the world will be exposed to at least one of the disasters such as flood, fire or epidemic”:

the effect of thirst on children

According to the report prepared by UNICEF with the “Children’s Climate Risk Index (CCRI)” measurement, approximately Each of the 2.2 billion children will surely experience at least one of the disasters caused by the climate crisis. Again, according to the information in the report, approximately 1 billion “very high risk” lives in countries and is at great risk.

1.2 billion children, especially in countries with severe poverty and limited health services, will feel the effects of the climate crisis much more severely. African countries such as the Central African Republic, Chad, Nigeria, Guinea-Bissau most risky countries while being among The countries with the lowest risk are Iceland, Luxembourg and New Zealand. Our country is among the ‘medium-high risk’ countries. It ranks 97th out of 163 countries in the world ranking.

The numbers are staggering:


According to UNICEF’s report from water scarcity number of children to be affected 920 million and the number of children affected by heat waves is 820 million. In addition, 1 billion children are increasingly from air pollution while 600 million children are at risk of contracting epidemic diseases such as malaria.


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The report is also a inequality and injustice also reveals. While the countries that are among the “high risk countries” in the report are responsible for only 9 percent of global carbon emissions, only one of the 10 countries that are responsible for global emissions is on the list of “high risk” countries.