10 Airplane Movies That Will Induce Your Wish To Be A Pilot

The airplane movies, which are highly acclaimed for their stories, both cinematically and when processed correctly, reveal the joy of action in all of us. Today we will present you 10 successful movies that you can get enough of action, thriller and planes.

One of the fastest means of transportation today airplanesis used effectively not only for passenger transport, but also in war situations. That fly these gigantic vehicles pilots however, he always makes a difference with his style. Of course, countless films have been made on such an interesting subject. Some of these films show action-packed adventures in an airplane as well as the combat pilots perform in battles or training.

Cinematic Many successful films were shot because they created very beautiful images. Today, we will present you 10 successful productions with aircraft themes. Before starting our list, let’s say that this content is subjective and many successful movies can be included outside of our list. If there are airplane movies that you enjoy watching a lot, you can share them with us and our followers in the comments section. If you are ready, let’s start our list.

Most successful airplane movies

  • Top Gun
  • Non-Stop
  • Flight
  • Anatolian eagles
  • Pearl Harbor
  • The Aviator
  • Sully
  • Hürkuş: The Hero in the Skies
  • United 93
  • The Red Baron

Top Gun (1986)

Starring roles Tom cruise and Klly McGillis, this legendary production is among the first films that come to mind when it comes to airplane movies. A navy pilot Top Gun The film, which tells about his struggle to receive the honor award, offers a visual feast to warplane fans.

Non-Stop (2014)

The movie, in which guilt and not guilty are almost intertwined, hits the bottom of the action at 12,000 meters. Liam NeesonStarring in the production, the production passes by searching for a person who endangered the lives of 200 passengers flying on the plane. Even the terrorist officer Bill (Liam Neeson), who was trying to find the culprit, started to be seen as a criminal on the plane, where everyone was considered a potential criminal.

Flight – Flight (2012)

In the movie, we see a pilot who manages to bring down a malfunctioning plane with the least damage with great effort. Even for the plane not to lose altitude sometime gigantic passenger plane We even see it turning it upside down. As a result of the researches, it is seen that the pilot who landed as a hero is not so innocent.

Anatolian Eagles (2011)

The movie starring names such as Çağatay Ulusoy, Özge Özp Pirinçci, Engin Altan Düzyatan, fighter jet pilot is shaped around students who aim to be. Anadolu Kartalları, which came out of our country and has an extremely beautiful story and cinematic scenes, received extremely good reviews.

Pearl Harbor (2001)

We can count as one of the key points of World War II. Pearl HarborThe film, which tells the events in Japan through the eyes of two pilots and a nurse, is about Japan’s surprise attack on the US navy at Pearl Harbor. The attack described in the movie is known as the attack that caused the USA to enter World War II.


YouTube Channel for Pilot and Airplane Enthusiasts: Captain Burcu

The Aviator – Ruler of the Skies (2004)

Coming to our country with the name Ruler of the Skies The Aviator, Leonardo DiCaprioA movie with the leading role. Telling the biography of Howard Huges, the film tells about this legendary name rising in the field of aviation and cinema and his love life.

Sully (2016)

In 2009 new YorkEmergency landing in the Hudson River, saving the lives of many passengers. Sully The film, which tells the true story of the pilot named pilot, reveals the event that this pilot lived through and his new life after the event.

Hürkuş: The Hero in the Skies

He was the first Turkish pilot who served in the First World War and the War of Independence and shot down an enemy plane. Vecihi HürkuşTelling the life story of Hürkuş: Hero in the Skies plays an important role in recognizing this important name who devoted his life to producing aircraft and training new pilots. In addition, Şener Şen portrayed the character of Vecihi “smiling eyesWe also remember the movie with respect.

United 93 – Flight 93 (2005)

Considered the world’s largest terrorist attack September 11 In the attacks, terrorists hijacked 4 planes simultaneously. The film, which tells about what happened on the flight 93 of United Airlines, the fourth of these planes, describes the fight of the terrorists on the plane and the passengers on the plane.


Trailer of Flight Hijacking Movie 7500 starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt released

The Red Baron (2008)

German pilot in the First World War Manfred von RichthofenThe Red Baron, which tells about the life of the city, was shot as a German-British co-production. The film, where we see that Richthofen, a member of the German army, helped Canadian pilot Arthur Roy Brown, is a production where the drama aspect is dominant and we see the violence of the war.