10 Best Free Winds Available From Microsoft Store

Although not as popular as other app libraries, the Microsoft Store offers thousands of useful apps, both paid and free. As the occasional optimization problems begin to decrease, we have compiled some useful applications that you can access on the Microsoft Store, which started to receive positive user feedback.

Microsoft StoreAlthough there are hundreds of useful applications in it; an often overlooked application library. Productivity, customization, social media and gaming categories. free Microsoft Store, which hosts the application, has recently reduced its optimization problems a lot. Therefore, there has been a noticeable increase in the number of Microsoft Store users recently.

This content can be accessed free of charge on the Microsoft Store, which can help you in your daily life. from almost every category We tried to choose apps. For this reason, Microsoft Store applications of Netflix, Spotify and similar platforms working with a monthly subscription system, as well as Windows 10 applications of social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook are not included in this list. All together if you are ready You can download it from Microsoft Store Let’s take a closer look at some of the best practices.

10 useful apps of all kinds available from Microsoft Store:

  • Flipboard
  • VLC
  • Adobe Photoshop Express
  • Music Maker Jam
  • Autodesk SketchBook
  • Wallpaper Studio 10
  • Microsoft To Do
  • OneNote
  • Code Writer
  • Your phone

For news and content tracking Flipboard


  • Publisher: Flipboard
  • Score: 4.3
  • Approximate size: 2.9 MB
  • Category: News

Personal journal reaching users with the motto Flipboardis a news app that visually maximizes the experience of reading news according to classic personal interests. Flipboard, which brings together the concepts of many interests and daily flow-based information platforms, collects news related to your interests in a special magazine and presents it daily.

When you create an account to use Flipboard, you choose your interests and start seeing news from dozens of sources in the world press accordingly. In addition, by connecting your Flipboard account with your social media accounts, you can browse the topics that may be of interest to you according to your interests and actions in your social media accounts.

Unlimited support for all kinds of audio and video formats: VLC

VLC media player

  • Publisher: VideoLAN
  • Score: 3,8
  • Approximate size: 98.2 MB
  • Category: Photography and Video

VLCis a very successful media player that many of us currently use. Over time, VLC has become a multipurpose media player where you can control your photos, videos and music on your Windows 10 computer. VLC, which has made a lot of progress especially in the music field, has a Spotify atmosphere.

Completely free photo editing tool: Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express

  • Publisher: Adobe Inc.
  • Score: 4.7
  • Approximate size: 57.2 MB
  • Category: Photography and Video

Another useful application that we can download from Microsoft Store in the productivity category. Adobe Photoshop Expressallows you to do simple photo editing without paying a monthly or annual fee to classic Photoshop.

Having received very positive feedback, Photoshop Express will not satisfy users who expect classic Photoshop features. But Photoshop Express, which offers many photo editing tools available in Lightroom for free; With its RAW support, basic Adobe quality editing tools and color filters, it will make everyday users happy.

You can make your own music with a simple interface Music Maker Jam:

Music Maker Jam

  • Publisher: MAGIX
  • Score: 4.2
  • Approximate size: 308.79 MB
  • Category: Music, Entertainment

We can put it in both the productivity and entertainment category. Music Maker Jamis an application where you can combine loops prepared by professional musicians and create your own music. Music Maker Jam, which offers many different instrument loops for both amateur and professional musicians; Although it is not as detailed as GarageBand and does not allow you to record individual instruments in a complex way, it will be quite useful for preparing soundtracks for your short generic music and concept videos.

For both amateur and professional designers Autodesk SketchBook:

Autodesk SketchBook

  • Publisher: Autodesk Inc.
  • Score: 4.7
  • Approximate size: 77 MB
  • Category: Entertainment, Productivity

When we look at drawing apps in general, it is one of the best alternatives you can access for free. Autodesk SketchBook, appeals to both professionals and users who just want to scratch something. SketchBook, which is a very diverse application in terms of use; it allows you to quickly digitize your ideas, make concept drawings and, if you want, just have fun. Offering all the basic tools and pens you need to make a drawing for free, this application also offers different pens and tools for a fee.


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You can quickly access quality wallpapers: backiee – Wallpaper Studio 10

Wallpaper Studio 10

  • Publisher: Good2Create
  • Score: 4.4
  • Approximate size: 48.7 MB
  • Category: Personalization

Whether on PC, Mac or mobile devices, it can be quite challenging to find the proper wallpapers according to our wishes. You can use it as an alternative to many wallpaper sites on the market. backiee – Wallpaper Studio 10 is one of the most admired free wallpaper apps in the Microsoft Store. Wallpaper Studio 10, which offers free wallpapers in 4K, 5K and even 8K resolution, has a very simple use and contains hundreds of thousands of free wallpapers in its library.

For your to-do lists Microsoft To Do

Microsoft To Do microsoft store

  • Publisher: Microsoft
  • Score: 4.8
  • Approximate size: 52.5 MB
  • Category: Productivity

One of the best planning apps you can access on Microsoft Store Microsoft To Dois a blessing for users who constantly forget something during the day due to their heavy workload. With Microsoft To Do, you can create reminders and separate categories for each job; You can also add files up to 25 MB to your tasks. The best part of Microsoft To Do is that you can connect to the app with your Microsoft account and access your daily tasks and reminders on your Android phone.

To keep more detailed notes, to follow up your lessons OneNote:

OneNote microsoft

  • Publisher: Microsoft
  • Score: 4.7
  • Approximate size: 156 MB
  • Category: Productivity

An application that will go like bagel / buttermilk with Microsoft To Do OneNotehelps you take the classic notes you take in the text document to the next step. With OneNote, which was mostly developed to make your ideas a draft, you can add visuals, drawings and shapes to your notes, as well as make small notes in any corner of the page in the form of small notes. OneNote, which has a lot of tools in terms of customization, also offers the opportunity to access your notes on other devices with your Microsoft account.

If you are interested in coding Code Writer:

Code Writer windows 10

  • Publisher: Actipro Software
  • Score: 4,5
  • Approximate size: 37.8 MB
  • Category: Productivity

If you are interested in coding and want to start coding, Code Writer Windows 10 will come to your aid as one of the best coding programs you can use on your computer. Code Writer, which allows you to write code in HTML, Java, C and many other languages, is used as an alternative to coding tools such as Microsoft Visual Studio and Dreamweaver. Code Writer, with its simple and direct code-oriented interface, becomes very useful when you need fast code writing and editing.

The application that Microsoft offers to access your phone from a computer: Telefonunuz (Your Phone)

Your phone is microsoft

  • Publisher: Microsoft
  • Score: 4,5
  • Approximate size: 292.69 MB
  • Category: Productivity

If you are using Windows 10 with Bluetooth, Your phone Thanks to the application, you can perform many important operations using only your computer without even taking your phone in your hand. After downloading the same application on your phone, it is enough to pair it with the computer once. After this pairing, you can use your computer to send SMS, check media files on the phone and even make calls. With all these features, your Phone application becomes very useful for those who cannot leave their computer.


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You can download it from Microsoft Store We have come to the end of our content where we list the best practices from almost every category. There are thousands of applications on the Microsoft Store that you can find more useful. As we mentioned at the beginning in this content, we tried to give application examples from a few general categories. You can also share your favorite Microsoft Store applications with us in the comments section.