10 Free Android Games and Applications for a Short Time

Welcome to the new section of our series, where you can select the apps that are available for sale by following the Google Play Store discounts. In this article 10 free Anroid games and applications are waiting for you. Let's take a closer look at this week's games and applications.

Paid games and applications in the Play Store, the application store of Android devices, can be offered free of charge to users with weekly discounts. This week's discounts include very useful apps that can be downloaded for free, games that can satisfy your graphics and some personalization tools. Discounts will continue for a short time and therefore you need to keep your hand quickly, let's go to our list without losing time.

10. Sketch Me! Pro

Normal price: $ 5.09

The ad-free version of the popular XnSketch application, Sketch Me! With Pro, you can convert your photos into artwork with a single touch. If you are a fan of cartoon or sketch drawings, Sketch Me! You can give Pro a chance.

9. Ultimate Food Value Diary

Normal price: $ 3.99

The Ultimate Food Value Diary app can help you if you need a seasonal assistant to lose weight. There is even a barcode reader to add your ready-to-eat foods to the list.

  • Ultimate Food Value DiaryDOWNLOAD

8. Augustro Music Player

Normal price: $ 0.99

If you are tired of the built-in music listening application on your smartphone, you can have a different experience with Augustro Music Player. You can download Augustro Music Player for free from the link below, offering a stylish interface, dynamic widget, equalizer settings and the classic features available in other music players.

  • Augustro Music PlayerDOWNLOAD

7. Lecture Notes

Normal price: $ 14.99

Such a note-taking application can meet the needs of everyone, while schools are open shortly. In addition to the standard note-taking applications, Lecture Notes, where you can take notes in the form of voice and drawing, will be your number one assistant for the courses you cannot reach due to its speed.

6. SkanApp Plus

Normal price: $ 33.99

SkanApp Plus, an advanced version of the scanner applications, which is indispensable for the students during the exam periods, offers a very easy browsing experience. With the augmented reality keys, you can shoot with the help of a button that you can assign to a zone on the table, and you can also take advantage of the application's features that improve scanning performance for free.

5. Riptide GP: Renegade

Normal price: $ 16.99

Graphics, game mechanics, gameplay and all the details that pleased players Riptide GP: Renegade with armor and running on the water will take part in the adventure. This awesome game, where you can compete online with 8 opponents around the world, also carries the Editor Choice label.

  • Riptide GP: RenegadeDOWNLOAD

4. Overdrive Premium

Normal price: $ 13.99

Overdrive is a premium version of the action-packed game. The quality of the graphics is one of the elements that attract the players in this game which offers you the in-game stones for free in the first 7 days. You can get Overdrive Premium free of charge from the link below.

  • Overdrive PremiumDOWNLOAD

3. How to push the button

Normal price: $ 10.99

How to push the button is a good alternative for your leisure time. You can take a pleasant journey between challenging levels with puzzles that you can solve by using different features of your smartphone.

  • How to push the buttonDOWNLOAD

2. Dead Bunker 2 HD

Normal price: $ 1.39

This horror game will delight our followers who admire the action horror games. The visuals and sounds of the game, where you will search the documents in secret laboratories, indicate that you should play the game with headphones. You can try Dead Bunker 2 HD using the link below.

  • Dead Bunker 2 HDDOWNLOAD

1. Anum Icon Pack

Normal price: US $ 9.69

If you're tired of icons on your smartphone Anum Icon Pack can be a great alternative. Circular design comes to the forefront in this icon pack with updates and new icons continue to be added.

We have come to the end of our list of games and applications that you can download for free from the weekly discounts of the Google Play Store. You can share your favorite applications and games with us in the comments section. We will continue to share articles with you in the coming days. Stay tuned not to miss 🙂