10 measures that lead to success


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Popular online shops do not owe their success to chance. In online trading, it is much more important to have a number of important features that make sales bubble up.

Numerous requirements must be met for sustainable success in online trading. These range from knowledge of the target group to website optimization and SEO to inventory management. With ten simple measures, online retailers can quickly increase their sales.

1. Branding and Product Value: They know what they are selling

People buy solutions for their needs – not products. Successful sellers therefore know very well what their product stands for and what benefits it offers. To illustrate it with one of the best-known companies worldwide: Apple doesn’t just sell smartphones, laptops and tablets – like so many other suppliers do – but created a story about the brand at the beginning with its Think Different campaign: The products are for the “crazy ones”, the creative and hip individuals of this world who question the status quo with technically innovative and user-friendly devices.

2. Target audience: They know who and how they sell to

The above example also makes it clear: Apple knows its target group very well – and knows how they want to be addressed. If you want to sell successfully, you should do that. Or at least make a hypothesis about who the target group might be and then test it using surveys and analyses, for example. Because if you don’t really know the potential customers, you run the risk of not being consistent in communication and causing irritation that can result in a lack of identification with the brand.

3. Online trade: You sell where your target group is

It doesn’t always have to be your own website. Many successful retailers go where their target group is already happily shopping. The largest marketplaces such as Amazon are generalists in online trading and are certainly well suited for sales. But it is also important to look beyond that: Which niche platforms exist that fit the product and the target group? A multi-channel strategy is beneficial here. As far as communication is concerned: it should be uniform across all chosen channels – and show consistency in its messages.

4. Reputation Management: You build an emotional bond

The exchange with customers is not over after the sale – quite the opposite. Satisfaction with the product and incentives such as discounts for further purchases are important for future purchases. Apart from the fact that a dissatisfied customer will most likely not buy the product again and may leave a bad review, many negative comments deter potential customers. The goodies serve to strengthen customer relationships and build trust. People like to buy from someone they trust. How customers are treated determines how the company and the product are perceived.

5. Online trading: You optimize the shopping experience

Hardly anything is as important when shopping online as a smooth shopping experience. A fast, error-free and user-friendly website is therefore the be-all and end-all. This also includes being able to reach your goal with just a few clicks, offering a quick check-out or simple purchase process and all payment options. This also applies to mobile, by the way. You should also present the brand clearly and consistently across all channels. And: A great product must also be recognizable as such. High-quality product images, meaningful product descriptions and a coherent design throughout the website and on other channels are therefore essential for online presence.

6. Online trading: You use Amazon’s “Buy Box” advantages

With 53 percent of the total turnover, Amazon dominates German online trade and therefore plays a decisive role in successful sellers. Above all, the so-called Buy Box – the yellow shopping cart field – is the linchpin of the seller’s efforts. On the one hand, owning the Buy Box increases the chance of a sale, because almost all Amazon purchases are made through the Buy Box. On the other hand, only Buy Box owners can create Amazon PPC (pay-per-click) ads – sponsored ads in search results and other areas on Amazon that help increase product or brand visibility. To win the Buy Box, sellers should sell products in new condition, offer competitive prices, be listed as a Prime seller, have positive reviews, and ensure inventory levels are optimized to ensure buyers receive their merchandise without delay.