$ 10 million donation from TikTok to the fight against coronavirus

TikTok, one of the most used video platforms of today, announced that it has donated to combat coronavirus. The company announced in its announcement that it has donated $ 10 million to the World Health Organization.

To stop the coronavirus epidemic, which continues to spread worldwide, increasing its impact, as well as governments and individuals, the company support continues to come. Many companies who stopped working in their offices to prevent the spread of the coronavirus and faced economic losses due to the virus, despite all this, donation He is doing.

A new one has been added today to donors to support the fight against coronavirus. Owned by ByteDance TikTokannounced that the World Health Organization (WHO) To the Union Struggle Fund announced that he donated.

$ 10 million donation from TikTok:

tiktok coronavirus

The company announced to the World Health Organization in a new announcement by TikTok. $ 10 million donation information was included. The donation made by TikTok, like all donations made by other companies, to the World Health Organization's healthcare workers who fight the virus. to provide the necessary equipment To be used.

According to the estimations made, in the period of April 2020, in order to provide the necessary assistance to the countries in need. at least $ 675 million required. However, if the outbreak becomes more severe, there will be a large increase in the minimum amount required to provide assistance.

tiktok coronavirus

In addition to his donation to the World Health Organization, TikTok also donates to organizations such as Red Cross. TikTok chief Alex Zhu; published announcement to people listen to healthcare professionals and by local governments comply with the measures taken reminding that it was necessary.


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TikTok joined among other companies that donated to fight coronavirus with the donation it made to the World Health Organization. Among the companies and organizations that have donated to date; Donating $ 100 million Facebookdonating several million dollars GoogleDonating $ 10 million Fifa and many large and small companies donating $ 22 million in total. However, donation news came from many famous names one after another.

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