10 Minute Short Film of GTA 2 Released in 1999


GTA 2, the second game of the legendary Grand Theft Auto series, was blowing the minds of young people and children especially in 2002’s. In order to both advertise the game and increase the excitement for the game, GTA released an eight-minute short film in addition to the game in 1999. Get ready to go on a nostalgia journey with us in this article where we refresh our knowledge about GTA 2.

The second game in the legendary Grand Theft Auto series GTA 2It was one of the indispensable games of our childhood years. This game, which was released in 1999, was among the first games designed with 3D technology on PlayStation and PC platforms.

While doing a lot of vagrancy and blowing up the tanks, we also had to fight with the Russian mafia and Yakuza. For fans of GTA 2, there is also a short film and promotional video of the game.

GTA 2 opening and promotional video

In 1999, Rockstar Games released GTA fans pleasing He gave a news and stated the release date of new GTA 2 games. how much is your game exciting and action-packed to show that it is a promotional video almost like a Like a movie The producers, who shot the video, soon pleased their fans and released the video.

Players were so excited for GTA 2 that the producers turned to the events in the game to advertise the game even more and double the excitement. alike with the scenario eight minutes They made a short film.

GTA 2 short film:

Considering that GTA 2 is a game set in the future, the movie was shot in New York in 1999. Fans alike innovative scenes from not seeing at the end of the movie After Claude’s death Although he is uncomfortable with the film, just like the game itself, to mythologize yourself succeeded.

What kind of game was GTA 2?


GTA 2As we mentioned before, it was designed by DMA Design and released by Rockstar Games in 1999. full of action and conflict it was a game. The game was designed with 3D logic in history. first Although it was one of the games, it had a bird’s eye view just like the first game of GTA.

The game, which takes place in a big city called “Anywhere City”, is extremely retro buildings with a design were filled with structures and cars. The date of the game is still a mystery even today. Although the vehicles in the game belong to the years 1960 and before, the weapons are extremely futuristic and it’s mentioned in a song on the radio in the game “We are in 2999” Phrases like this are extremely helpful to find the date the game takes place. makes it difficult.


In the game, our hero is a criminal organization named Claude Speed. manages. NSUnlike the first game, instead of doing what your boss says what you wantI focus more on doing. As you may recall, there were 3 different areas in Anywhere City as commercial, residential and industrial areas. Mafias ruled by each region was different. These mafias could range from the Russian mafia to the Far Eastern mafia called Yakuza.

In the commercial zone, our hero is wanted to 4 stars when it comes out SWAT in the residential area while being chased by his crews to 5 stars on PC platform when it arrives FBI, on the PlayStation platform army was trying to be caught. Finally, when our hero reaches 6 stars in the industrial zone tank armored The full squad was trying to escape by the army.


Of course, as in any game. GTA 2 In the game, the missions had a degree of difficulty. Green tasks from the phone easiest while on duty, yellow tasks from the phone middle was difficult and Red tasks from the phone the most money maker him the the most difficult was among your duties.

As the character completes the quests, he unlocks other regions. was discovering and at the same time “arena” called bonus zones could reach. Apart from the main missions in the game, your character to earn money and discover new adventures He was on side missions. Between these tasks as much as possible in the time given. kill people and blow up cars There were also such targets.