10 Movies Like Jumanji

Jumanji is one of the unforgettable movies of childhood for many of us. If you’re looking for movies like Jumanji that are getting even more popular with their remakes, this content will guide you.

Original Jumanji, It made a huge splash when it was released in 1995. The reason for the success of the movie is a bit of a master actor Robin Williams However, another reason why the audience flocked to Jumanji was that they had not seen such a movie before.

Yes, when we watch it with our perception of cinema today, the effects in the movie etc. Although it sounds a bit old-fashioned, this uniquely scripted film aroused great interest in 1995. Jumanji, which is still considered a masterpiece even after 26 years, still retains its feature of being a heartwarming memory for the children of the 90s. Although similar films were made in 2017 and 2019 as a sequel to Jumanji, generally the fans of the film cannot replace the original with any production. Let’s take a look at 10 movies that you can watch with your family, guaranteed to have an enjoyable weekend.

10 Hot Jumanji-like Movies You Can Watch With Your Family

  • The Croods (Crood’lar)
  • Dora and the Lost City of Gold
  • Inkheart
  • Zathura: A Space Adventure
  • Goosebumps (Goosebumps Monsters on the Run)
  • The Night At The Museum Trilogy
  • Honey, I Shrunk the Kids
  • The Spiderwick Chronicles (Spiderwick Günceleri)
  • Where the Wild Things Are
  • Mrs. Doubtfire (Awesome Nanny)

Animation where we watch the last cave family: The Croods

Vision date: February 15, 2013
IMDb score: 7,2
Rotten Tomatoes puanı: %72

It may seem strange to see it among the movie suggestions like Jumanji, but yes, there is an animated movie on our list. Crood’lar, wild animals; They are the last cave family trying to survive in a world full of carnivorous plants and other dangers. Although it is not an action movie, the movie offers plenty of adventure, action and comedy elements.

Family adventure seekers: Dora and the Lost City of Gold

Vision date: August 9, 2019
IMDb score: 6,1
Rotten Tomatoes puanı: %85

Young adventurer Dora embarks on an adventure with her friends to save her family and solve the mystery of the lost city of gold, and events develop… A movie to watch with the whole family. Dora and the Lost City of Goldhas action sequences that rival the Jumanji Wild Jungle movie.

Father and daughter adventure together: Inkheart

Vision date: 11 December 2008
IMDb score: 6,1
Rotten Tomatoes puanı: %39

This movie, Goosebumps Monsters on the Run comparable to the movie. Because the characters of a book come to life in Ink Heart. This time we are not watching monsters but the inhabitants of a magic kingdom.

Brendan Fraser‘s character is a bookbinder who lives a quiet life with his daughter. Both father and daughter are very fond of books. That’s why they’re so happy when they realize they can interact with the book characters. So how do they get out of this magical situation? How will they send the characters back to the world they belong to? Let’s not say more.

This is a movie that can give a chance to those who are looking for a warm family movie similar to the excitement they get while watching Jumanji.

Space version of Jumanji: Zathura: A Space Adventure

Vision date: 8 November 2005
IMDb score: 6,2
Rotten Tomatoes puanı: %76

The original Jumanji movie is actually an adaptation of Chris Van Allsburg’s children’s book of the same name. The author is writing a book called Zathura, a sequel to Jumanji, in 2002. Later, this book was adapted for the big screen as Zathura: A Space Adventure.

Zathura, It is closer to the original than Jumanji’s films shot in 2017 and 2019 because it takes place in a time period close to Jumanji and tells the story of a board game played by yet another two brothers. The difference between the two movies is that the actors are different and Zathura (the name of the game) takes the kids to space instead of to another world. Since the story, events and themes are very similar to Jumanji, I think it is a movie that those who love Jumanji should definitely give a chance.

Add a dash of paranormal events to Jumanji: Goosebumps

Vision date: October 16, 2015
IMDb score: 6,3
Rotten Tomatoes puanı: %78

Just like Jumanji Goosebumps It’s a movie based on a children’s book. Type comedy-horror even though you watch it, you know that everything will be alright at the end of the movie.

Goosebumps Monsters on the Run The movie is like a paranormal version of Jumanji in many ways. The main characters in the movie must survive by fighting terrifying monsters that come to life from a magic book. Similar to Jumanji in terms of action and excitement, this movie is a family fun movie.

Another myth: The Night At The Museum Trilogy

Vision date: December 22, 2006
IMDb score: 6,4
Rotten Tomatoes puanı: %43

Night at the Museum There is no board game situation like in Jumanji or Zathura in the series, but there are some extraordinary situations. The character Larry, played by Ben Stiller, works as a night watchman at a museum, and the exhibits come to life at night.

Although it does not seem very similar in terms of subject, Night at the Museum There are many elements in the series that pay homage to Jumanji. For example, there are rhino and herds of monkeys and lions among the things that come to life in the museum. These are the animals that make up the barriers children face in Jumanji. Also, one of the things that comes to life in the movie is the wax statue of Theodore Roosevelt. That character Robin Williams animated by. All these details strengthen the connection between the two films.

Being small in a big world: Honey, I Shrunk the Kids

Vision date: June 23, 1989
IMDb score: 6,4
Rotten Tomatoes puanı: %77

One of the things that makes this movie similar to Jumanji is that it was unprecedented at the time of its release. It was a completely different kind of family movie, and the audience showed great interest. A father who is a scientist in the movie accidentally He is shrinking his son, daughter and neighbors’ children to the size of insects. Teenagers have to fight colossal dangers as their fathers search for them… Don’t forget to give this movie a chance, which will be appreciated by Jumanji lovers for its action and dangers faced by children.

Another book, again unknown elements: The Spiderwick Chronicles

Vision date: January 31, 2008
IMDb score: 6,5
Rotten Tomatoes puanı: %81

If we are going to talk about fantasy-themed children’s movies Spiderwick UpdatesCan’t not talk about. This film, which received full marks from the critics, uses fairy tale and social elements so beautifully that it creates a world that the audience will never want to leave.

twins Jared and Simon They move to Spiderwick mansion with their mother and older sisters. There Jared finds a book. The book provides a space to interact with fairies, elves and a whole host of magical creatures.

A child’s fantasy world: Where the Wild Things Are

Vision date: October 13, 2009
IMDb score: 6,7
Rotten Tomatoes puanı: %73

The classic children’s book by Maurice Sendak From Where the Wild Things Are In this adapted movie, we watch a lonely boy named Max journey into his crazy fantasy world. After having a bad argument with his mother, Max escapes to the pond where he finds a boat. He boards the boat and crosses into an enchanted kingdom inhabited by seven monstrous creatures. At first, the creatures that try to eat the little boy believe that the child has magical powers and gives up. So Max becomes king. Together they embark on adventures and wars…

has a dark air My Friend the Monster movieIt is a production that is highly appreciated by adults as well.

Starring Robin Williams, fondly remembered: Mrs. Doubtfire (Awesome Nanny)

Vision date: November 22, 1993
IMDb score: 7,0
Rotten Tomatoes puanı: %71

Awesome Nanny The plot of the movie is not very similar to Jumanji, but it is a similar movie in terms of the nostalgia it creates while watching it. Oh, in one or two movies. Robin WilliamsWe see him in the lead role. In the movie, after an unpleasant divorce, Robin Williams enters his ex-wife’s house dressed as a maid and secretly spends time with her children. Although not similar in subject heart warming Make sure to give this movie a chance, which will compete with Jumanji in terms of

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