10 percent of iPhone 12 production could go to India


Apple’s partial relocation of device assembly to India could affect up to ten percent of the current iPhone series. This is what the local business paper assumes Business Standard in a message from this week.

Apple’s most important manufacturer, the Taiwanese company Foxconn, is supposed to relocate at least seven percent of its production from China, at the top it is said ten percent. In another report from the news agency IANS it is said that Apple has already confirmed the imminent production start of the iPhone 12 in India.

The iPhone company uses it Government of India subsidy programs, the so-called Production-Linked Incentives (PLI). These allow a comparatively inexpensive build-up of production by partners such as Foxconn, Wistron and Pegatron. A first system for the iPhone 12 was set up in Tamil Nadu. Apple is also said to have announced that they are considering the production of the iPhone 12 mini at this location.

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More from Mac & i

For several years, Apple has been trying to make parts of its production more independent of its Chinese locations. What is new is that flagship models such as devices from the current iPhone series are also migrating to other regions of the world. So far, mainly older models have been produced in India, which are considered to be simpler to manufacture. In India, meanwhile, things are going well for Apple, according to CEO Tim Cook. When the last quarterly figures were announced, he announced that they had doubled their business in India in the Christmas quarter – although sales there were at a comparatively low level because cheap Android devices dominated the market. The iPhone 12 should have been particularly well received, according to media reports.

Opposite the IANS announced Apple in a statement, they are “proud to start production of the iPhone 12 in India”. The devices are therefore initially intended for local customers. In the Christmas quarter, the group is said to have shipped more than 1.5 million iPhones in India.

The iPhone XR, 11, SE 2020 and the new iPhone 12 are on offer there. In addition to Foxconn, production partner Wistron in India is also to work on building an iPhone 12 production. So far, seven different iPhone series have been produced on the subcontinent, but never a flagship model of the current year.


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