‘10 Years Challenge ’Is Back But Its Dangers Are Not Over

Earlier this year, a trend called the ‘10 years challenge ayı took over the world. Users were sharing their photos 10 years apart and showing their changes. With the return of the Challenge, the experts continued their warnings.

The world rages kav10 years challengeDü he has returned this year as well. People began to share photos of their current state together with their previous decade. This trend first appeared in January and February 2019, but the year was nearing the end. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram reappeared.

But according to experts, we should think twice before sharing our face with everyone on the Internet. In this case security risk Although it is a customary concept today, we still remind you that there is an incredible amount of data in a single image.

Your feelings emerge:

10 years challenge

If you don't believe us, Picasso Labs CEO and founder Anastasia Leng's You can refer to the words. Anastasia, ‘We can recognize facial expression, facial components, eyes, nose, lips, chin, and use the mouth and lips to define emotions.Kur.

Why should we trust an official from Picasso Labs? Because these people are involved! Picasso Labs uses computer images to find out which marketing images are effective in humans. So effective in marketing are investigating images.

"Only one image contains thousands of data points. Everything from your skin color to your hair color and capillary lines is located in the face area. If you just take it out of the face and spread it all over the body, the number of data increases."

10 years challenge

Yes, our Instagram and Facebook right now who we are and what we look like He knows perfectly well. But what they know about us is not just our weight or our hair style. We can explain this in 2017 with the help of a program developed by the California Institute of Technology.

California Institute of Technology, estimate your personality traits from your profile picture developed a program. The hot images, which have many faces, express that a person is facing outwards, while the indoor images reveal that people have a more nervous structure.


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This is information from only one picture. Number of information shared Proportional to the number of photos Guess how much you can increase. Especially when you share your 10-year difference, you can see for yourself how much information you have on the internet.

If you still can't figure out who can use this information, let's give you a small sample of Anastasia. Insurance companies can use data from photos you share when making health insurance offers because your aging rate and health problem on your face pointing points.

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