100 million doses to arrive by the end of May


Health Minister Fahrettin Koca met with the Coronavirus Scientific Committee via video conference method. Making a statement after the meeting, Koca said, “According to our plans, we will have more than 100 million doses of vaccine by the end of May.”

Coronavirus pandemic because of the long wait for the coronavirus vaccine discovery of various alternatives for people appeared in Turkey to vaccinate their citizens It was among the countries that started its work.

Health Minister Fahrettin Koca held a meeting with the Coronavirus Scientific Committee via video conference method. He made a statement to the press after the meeting. Minister Husband gave a date on vaccination.

Vaccines are available until the end of May

Fahrettin Koca

so far in Turkey More than 14 million doses of vaccine Stating that it has been done, the Minister of Health, “All over 100 million doses of vaccine according to our plans until the end of may we will have it “ used the expressions.

And it brought the number of vaccinations received in use in Turkey Is over 18 million doses Expressing Husband, “As of today, corresponding to 10 million doses of vaccine filling has been received will be held in Turkey” found in the description.


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Russian origin, another vaccine alternative Sputnik V Stating that negotiations on the subject have begun, the Minister of Health stated that this vaccine can also be used widely after the test process to ensure its suitability. For VLP-like virus particle vaccine That Turkey also started work said the Minister, “Our country today started Phase 1 studies of the virus-like particle vaccine. This vaccine type is one of the most innovative vaccine candidates in the world. said.

Three conditions for controlling the pandemic

Coronavirus Vaccine


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The Minister of Health, in his statement, when the pandemic that you can be taken under control also touched on. Husband, “According to most scientists, the reasonable question today is:” When is the pandemic brought under control? ” It has an answer: Vaccination is completed. For Turkey, “the end of May, you know, until the end of June!” This would be a realistic answer in the current situation: There are three minimum requirements: Each of us must comply with the measures in the process; comply with the binding agreements we have made for the supply of vaccines;

One of the three conditions, full compliance with the measures, is up to For the other two, we were working with great performance. I want you to know. “ said.

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