11 Most Preferred Trainings for a Successful Business Life

Today, it is necessary to accept that education must be lifelong in order to have a good job. We have compiled the most popular topics that people apply for a better career, announced according to 2020 data.

Today, there is no business sector that does not use computers. So much so that even the smartphones we carry in our pockets are now considered small computers with which we can do many things. Sometimes even more. With the increase in the use of technology, the use of programming languages ​​has become so widespread and now not just from programmers, Those working in different fields are also expected to have programming knowledge.

Education platform Entrepreneurpublished the most preferred course titles in 2020. Not surprisingly, many of these courses are from professional programs and programming languages is formed. The reason why people tend to learn such programs and programming languages ​​is both because employers make such a demand from employees and because there is no sector that is not digital anymore.

digital world

The most popular training topics that stand out in business life:

  • SQL
  • Microsoft Excel
  • SEO
  • JavaScript
  • QuickBooks
  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Python
  • Project management programs
  • Blockchain
  • Google Analytics
  • Amazon FBA

SQL to better understand and manage data:


SQL is one of the most widely used programming sub-languages. In general, the intended use organizing and designing data. During the software of many databases, SQL is used as a sub-language. Basic operations such as adding records to databases, changing records, deleting, and creating lists can be easily performed with SQL-specific sentences.

Microsoft Excel for final solutions;

microsoft excel

Microsoft Excel, one of the Microsoft Office programs, is not used much by standard users, but in the business world. one of the indispensable spreadsheet programs is one. Detailed financial analysis can be made, successful graphs can be created and many tables with different details can be easily created with the Visual Basic programming language, which it uses, through Excel, the most popular program of its kind.

SEO is the backbone of the internet:


SEO, which stands for “Search Engine Optimization” and “search engine optimization” in Turkish, allows websites to be created without the need for advertising. To rank higher in Google and similar search engines and it is the only way to increase user traffic. Nowadays, even a small business needs a website, it is almost pointless to upload any content to the internet without SEO knowledge.

Nowadays, SEO is not only in search engines like Google; It is the general name of the methods that are increasingly valid on popular platforms such as YouTube, Instagram and even e-commerce sites.

JavaScript, which is the basic building block of the internet, although it is getting old:


If we can enjoy the internet so much today, we owe it to JavaScript. JavaScript, which is the cornerstone of the internet world, It is a dynamic programming language that is widely used especially in internet browsers. It is the main programming language that should be known for designing and developing a website. Learning the JavaScript programming language, which is derived from the C programming language, is not difficult for a willing person.

QuickBooks to facilitate accounting;


QuickBooks is a software developed by Intuit to facilitate complex and time-consuming accounting operations. accounting software package. The target audience of the program is small and medium-sized businesses. With QuickBooks, you can organize payroll, pay and issue bills, perform different payment transactions, and store all this data in cloud storage.

Adobe Creative Cloud, indispensable for designers and those interested in editing:

adobe creative cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud; It is a service package that includes programs developed by Adobe such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere Pro, XD, Acrobat DC. On different devices through the account you created with Adobe Creative Cloud running on a cloud-based system. all Adobe programs You can download it to your computer and use it synchronously.

From a website to a complex game, from data science to space observations, Python is everywhere:


Python is an advanced programming language that you can do many professional operations. A programmer who can use Python has no backs We can say that, but it is a programming language that is difficult to master as it allows you to do many operations. From a simple website to designing a huge computer game, Python is a very flexible language.

Project management software: Scrum, Agile, PMP…

project management programs

There are perhaps dozens of different programs developed to facilitate project management work; Scrum, Agile ve PMP are some of the most popular among project management programs. Project management programs generally involve learning and easy use of project methodologies. For this reason, especially in challenging jobs, project management programs are definitely applied.

Blockchain, the financial and cybersecurity base of the future:


Although many people have learned the concept of blockchain or blockchain through cryptocurrencies, it is actually technology is widely used. This technology, which is generally defined as never hackable, unbreakable, decentralized, dispersed and anonymous, is used to provide digital security in many different fields, especially in communication and finance. Blockchain is the definition of the future security system.

Google Analytics, where you can access all analyzes of a website:

google analytics

Google Analytics is a free website performance analysis tool. You own or work with this tool. website traffic flow You can find all the details about. However, it is necessary to make a ‘read’ over the data accessed by the vehicle. This is where the Google Analytics expert shows himself.

Amazon FBA, one of the key systems of e-commerce:

amazon fba

Fulfilled by Amazon, short for Amazon FBA, via the Amazon website It is an e-commerce system that allows them to make sales. It is much easier to achieve sales targets by working with a strong and reliable e-commerce company such as Amazon, as each company has complex procedures to sell through its own internet sales site. In our country, different e-commerce sites also have Amazon FBA-like working systems.

Other skills required for job acquisition based on course applications:

business programs

Of course, not only professional programs and programming languages ​​were learned on the Entrepreneur online education platform. Same time with personal development There are also some courses that will support the career development of employees. Some of the courses develop the skills you need to keep up with the changing world of work.

  • YouTube content publishing
  • podcast publishing
  • Foreign languages ​​(besides English)
  • public speaking skills
  • Branding
  • Real estate investment information
  • Business development and management
  • Ability to perform financial analysis

Most notable courses on the list YouTube and podcast tutorials. Because both have now become much more than just entertainment. In the process of creating corporate identity, many companies open a YouTube channel or start a podcast series, although it is not very common in our country.

We know that social media use is now essential in the business world, but more recently, basic knowledge of YouTube and podcast creation has also been added. It will be a sought after feature. Therefore, obtaining basic video shooting and video montage information can take you one step ahead, even if it is not related to your industry.

What to learn for business We have listed 11 professional programs and programming languages and explained its prominent features. It may not seem to work for you today, but mastering popular programming languages, albeit at a basic level, will be very useful in the career world of the future.