13 Remarkable Features of Stephen Hawking

There are many little-known details about Stephen Hawking’s youth, life and inventions, who made a name for himself both in the scientific world and in the public with his scientific studies and theories. Thanks to these details, it is possible to answer the question of who is Stephen Hawking much more clearly.

He made a name for himself with his studies in cosmology, cosmology. physicist Stephen Hawkings He was a name that made a name for himself in the scientific world and the public, both with his scientific studies and with the theories that he denied the existence of a creator. passed away in 2018 Stephen Hawkings, In addition to his contributions to the world of science, he also draws attention with his life full of difficulties.

Stephen Hawking There are some remarkable details about his youth, life and inventions, but unknown to many. Details are very important in understanding a scientist, interpreting their work and being inspired. About Stephen Hawking We’ve listed 13 lesser-known highlights.

He was an unsuccessful child in school:

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Even names must have a general feature, like many names that have made their mark in the world of science, Stephen Hawking was still a child. He was an unsuccessful student. Basic education at St. Albans school, Hawkings was the worst student in the class at age 9. He was never one of the best in his class, even though he later achieved average grades with some effort.

He was expected to die at the age of 23:

The diagnosis of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS, was made at the age of 21 and Stephen Hawking only 2 years of life was given. So Hawking was expected to die at the age of 23. Despite this demoralizing situation, Hawking, who did not compromise his scientific studies and did not give up despite many other health problems he experienced, was 76 years old when he died in 2018.

He always stayed away from biology:

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Although he was a failing student as a child, he always had a passion for physics and mathematics. Years later, he would do countless studies on this field and would be entitled to the title of Lucasian professor of mathematics. However, he did not like biology as a child or in later years. biology for him It was an uncertain and rote field. And who knows what he would discover if he studied biology.

He was a rowing team member athlete:

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Life did not smile on Stephen Hawking’s face, he was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) at the age of 21 and was confined to a wheelchair in a short time. Before that, however, Hawking was a successful athlete, a member of the school’s rowing team. Still, he never had enough physical strength to take the oars. Instead as the brains of the team controlling direction and speed was in the helmsman position.

Actor Stephen Hawking:

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Stephen Hawking, a name recognized by all people due to his popular science studies, is the subject of scientists. The Big Bang Theory dizisinin He was a guest actor in one episode. Hawkings, who appeared before the audience in the 21st episode of the 5th season of the series, called The Hawking Excitation, had previously voiced his own character in animated series such as Futurama and The Simpsons.

He discovered that the universe is unlimited:

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If you are not a physicist, it can be difficult to get a clear answer to the question of what Stephen Hawking did. In its simplest definition, Hawking discovered that the universe is unlimited. As a result of his work theory of relativity and quantum mechanics In this way, he discovered that the universe is unlimited and that black holes are actually invisible and emit radiation.

Nicknamed “Little Einstein”

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Although he was a student with low grades, he was a student of Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity. it will be obvious that he will be a physicist Among his friends, Stephen Hawking was called “Little Einstein”. “Little Einstein” indeed soon showed his genius, and St. Albans started his first scientific studies by going to Oxford University after school.

He was a speed freak:

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Stephen Hawking was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS, at the age of 21 and was confined to a wheelchair shortly afterward. However, this situation did not speak to his crazy character. Hawking on the streets of Cambridge in his electrically powered wheelchair speeding and crushing the feet of the students he passed. has become famous.

Stephen Hawking believed in aliens:

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Stephen Hawking didn’t just believe that extraterrestrials existed. He was extremely sure. In the speech he gave at the 50th anniversary celebration ceremonies of NASA, which he attended as an invitation in 2008, he mentioned that he believed and was even sure that extraterrestrials, that is, aliens, really existed. According to Hawkings, who made many more explanations about aliens in the future, we should be extremely careful about aliens.

He thought that one day we would definitely go to space:

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Stephen Hawking was working on the science of cosmology, that is, he had a command of the physics of not only the Earth, but the entire universe. One day humanity will go to space, to establish a colony there and he thought life would go on there. We can even say that he was sure of it because he knew that our world would become uninhabitable due to global warming and nuclear wars. The solution was to establish new colonies in space and continue the lineage of humanity there.

“We will dissolve the universe, but never women…”

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Stephen Hawking studies cosmology and sheds light on the dark truths of the universe we never knew existed. But according to Hawking The biggest mystery in life was women. “What is the biggest mystery in the world?” one of the users asked at a Reddit event he attended in 2015. Hawking said, “Mankind will continue to unravel the secrets of the universe in the future. But despite all this, the biggest mystery for me is still women. I think we can unravel the universe, but never women…” he replied witty.

He would easily admit that he was wrong:

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Greatness isn’t always about being right, it’s about admitting your mistakes. Stephen Hawking always shows his greatness in this matter and easily admits that he was wrong. In a speech in 2014, where he talked about his mistakes; He claimed that he made a claim with another scientist in 1997. He talked comfortably that he was wrong and that he was wrong.

He wrote children’s books to make children love science:

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It is known that Stephen Hawking wrote many books in the field of popular science as well as his scientific studies. Among the books he wrote were children’s books. While writing George’s Secret Key to the Universe in 2007 His eldest assistant was his daughter Lucy. In 2009, he wrote another book, George’s Cosmic Treasure Hunt, and shared the second book in the series with child readers.

A scientist known to the whole world for his scientific studies on the science of the universe, the books he published in the field of popular science and the theories discussed. Little known about Stephen Hawking We listed the facts. Hawking is not only with his scientific studies; He is an inspiring name with his life full of struggle and fun personality.