13th iPhone Photography Awards Found Their Owners


When it comes to taking pictures, the winners of the 13th Photography Awards of the iPhone, which is one of the first smartphones that come to mind, have been determined. The winning photos were selected from thousands of frames from all over the world.

Before the phones that could take photos and show them were revealed, how small the devices could shrink in mobile ads was told. There were models that fit in the pocket called the lighter pocket. Photo and shooting videos turned this trend in reverse and phones grew.

One of the pioneers of mobile phone photography is the world famous technology giant Apple and iPhone She had been. The company has been doing since iPhone Photography AwardsFound its owners for the 13th time.

Grand Prize: Flying Boys / Flying Kids – Dimpy Bhalotia

flying boys

Living in the UK Dimpy Bhalotia captured by and Flying boys/Flying Children This square, which was called, was able to take first place among the photos from all over the world.

no walls

Among the other photos ranked in the competition Artyom Baryshau’s His work titled “No Walls” also included squares like Iraqi Saif Hussain’s “Sheik of Youth”. Generally, the photos using the latest iPhone models embraced the award with the effect of the shooting quality in between.

sheikh of youth


Two Planets Wandering Around a Sun-like Star, Photographed for the First Time

Australia at the iPhone Photography Awards, Bahrain, Belarus, Canada, China, Colombia, France, Hong Kong, Italy, Iraq, Israel, Japan, Netherlands, Peru, Philippines, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Taiwan, England and participants from the United States won awards.

iphone photography awards

If you want to see all the photos in the competition Apple iPhone Photography Awards you can visit the website. Perhaps an award will come to our country next year, who knows?

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