14 Chat Sites and Applications You Can Talk to Strangers

Chat sites, e-chat sites and applications, have become quite intense nowadays because we can meet foreign people and improve our language thanks to these applications added every day. What are the best practices and sites?

Oh ah where those old flirtations, correspondence, sitting at the bakeries for hours of glances, shameful shameful chat and conversations. All of them are now transferred to the virtual environment, the internet, after the developing technology. Flirting applications and chat sitesnow offers these introductory chapters that we see only in Yeşilçam very easily.

In addition, thanks to chat programs that are now chat applications anywhere in the world we can meet people and chat. In fact, this kind of topic, which helps those who have difficulty meeting. appscan also give tips on chat topics and how to start the first chat.

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Especially in our country, also used by a large mass of domestic and foreign chat applications, many people to improve their foreign languages ​​because it is very useful to talk to foreigners at some times, such practices are taught in schools foreign language education it can be even more effective.

Although currently the most famous dating and chat application as tinder Although it looks both AppStoreNew apps are being added to both Google Play Store and Google Play Store. As a matter of fact, the chances of people finding suitable spouses from such practices are increasing.

Chat sites and applications that are predominantly for people abroad:


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Although the old Mynet Chat application was the leader when the chat sites first appeared, Tinder is now the leader in such applications. Via Google Play Store More than 100 million The number of downloads is very popular in European countries, so it is very likely to meet foreign people.

Download Tinder:


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Lovoo, which is frequently used in European countries due to its central location in Germany, has gained popularity in our country especially recently. Reaching more than 50 million downloads via the Google Play Store, the app also allows users to meet live broadcasts.

Download Lovoo:

The meet:

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As its name implies, MeetMe is the 'Best Social Network to Meet New People' in the United States. The classic messaging features, as well as the ability to broadcast live application, the Google Play Store has reached more than 50 million downloads.

Download MeetMe:


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Skout is a must-use application for people who want to meet foreign people and allows you to communicate with people from anywhere in the world. The application also features a live broadcast, filtering people by location also seems very useful.

Download Skout:


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HelloTalk, which differs from other applications in the list, is generally preferred by people who want to learn a new language. In other words, a Korean who wants to learn Korean and a Korean who wants to learn Turkish will meet each other and give language education to each other.

Download HelloTalk:

  • HelloTalk AndroidDOWNLOAD

Yoome to:

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Yoomee, a German messaging and dating application, is actively used in many parts of the world. Among the preferred chat applications in our country, Yoomee has more than 50 thousand downloads via Google Play Store.

Download Yoomee:



WeChat, which was originally developed to be a competitor to WhatsApp in China, has opened up the whole world as it has developed further over time. Supporting more than 20 languages, including Turkish, the application allows you to create profiles such as voice chat, video calling and social media.

WeChat download:


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With headquarters in the UK but also with offices in Cyprus and Malta, Badoo is one of the most widely used chat applications in our country. Supporting 190 countries and 47 languages, Badoo has more than 100 million downloads.

Badoo download:


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Despite being a new application, MyDate has reached tens of thousands of downloads in a short time and serves its users both as a social media and dating application.

Download MyDate:

Chat sites and applications in Turkish:



Kelebekchat, the oldest and long-established messaging site of our country, is still one of the most used sites despite using mIRC infrastructure.

site here by clicking.

Is Pembepanj:

pembepanj is

Pembepanjur announced that the number of its members has exceeded 640 thousand as of this year and increases this number day by day. Pembepanjur, a specially designed dating and chat site, also provides useful information to its users through its blog section.

site here by clicking. Chat Anonymously:

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Although it is a foreign application, thanks to Turkish language support, probably our nation is using this application the most in the world. The most prominent feature of the application is that when we send a message, the other party does not know who we are.

  • Connected2Me AndroidDOWNLOAD

  • Connected2Me iOSDOWNLOAD


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One of the famous dating applications, Happn notifies you of other Happn users in your location using the phone's location feature. In this way, you can meet people around you thanks to Happn.



BlindID, which has a very large user base in our country, was also used by Turkish Twitch publishers. BlindID, where people talk with each other for a short time, with a completely confidential identity, enables people to meet by speaking, not by texting.

BlindID download:

  • BlindID AndroidDOWNLOAD