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14 Reasons to Start E-commerce with Shopify [Free Trial Inside]

Shopify E-Commerce Platform Review 2020

There are several great reasons why Shopify became most popular e-commerce platform in a short time. There are over 500,000 e-commerce sites in Shopify, and this number is growing rapidly.

Shopify is cheaper than alternatives

With packages starting from $29 per month, Shopify offers a cheaper solution than many domestic and foreign paid e-commerce infrastructures.

There are also free open source e-commerce platforms such as nopCommerce that you can use, but a little technical knowledge is required to install and use these platforms.

You may also need a software expert to develop open source platforms. This will increase costs.

When we consider the server rental fee that you need to run open source codes and the SSL certificate fee you will receive for secure trade, Shopify actually comes cheaper.

Shopify gets commission on sales and this rate varies between 0.5% and 2% according to the plan you choose. It is very reasonable considering the advantages it offers:

  • No setup fees
  • No server rental fees
  • No software costs
  • No SSL costs
  • No server maintenance / update costs
  • You can easily start and grow your business with Shopify until you earn good income from your site. You can then upgrade to a higher package according to your needs or switch to Shopify Plus infrastructure offered by Shopify for large e-commerce sites.

The easiest way to open an e-commerce site

If you have a little technical knowledge, you can implement other e-commerce packages within 1 day, but thanks to its easy interface, Shopify can easily reduce this time to the hours level.

If you are blogging, if you are familiar with the platform like WordPress, it will take even less time to get used to Shopify. Shopify’s administration panel is very similar to WordPress. Even blog infrastructure is ready, you do not need to install WordPress.

You can also add promotional articles about your products in your e-commerce site in a blog format. Thus, you can attract more customers by blending rich content that will increase organic traffic with your online store.

If you are planning to do e-commerce with drop shipping method, Shopify will provide you with the fastest and most convenient drop shipping infrastructure with the Oberlo application.

Shopify’s Best E-commerce Themes (Free & Paid)

The more your web site looks professional, more you make sales. This is the golden rule of selling online. If you web site looks old, buggy or amateur, people never buy anything from you. In 2020s, this is the one basic rule.With Shopify, you can choose from tons of free or paid themes and after a few clicks your online store looks like more trustable, more professional and sells like crazy. If you want to start free here are the list of best looking Shopify themes in 2020. But if you have a few bucks these are the greatest, best selling Shopify themes. In my opinion, you have to have ability to spend $50 for lifelong business that make you thousands of dollars.

best selling Shopify themes

No need to mess with hosting and server

Since Shopify is a cloud-based service, it also does not need a server. So you don’t have to rent or install servers. This reduces costs and saves you from operations such as server setup and management.

Even SSL installation on the dedicated server will require technical knowledge. Shopify makes such issues easy and offers an easy e-commerce solution for people without technical experience. When you connect your domain name to Shopify, free SSL is activated within minutes.

Since Shopify servers provide unlimited bandwidth, they will always satisfy you in terms of performance.

Since daily backups are taken, your site will always be open. A problem that you will experience on the server you manage can cause your site to remain closed for a certain period of time, you may lose sales, but you can be comfortable with a 99.9% commitment to work in Shopify.

Shopify Business Tools for FREE!

Shopify gives so many business tools for FREE! And yes, you can use these without being a paid member, or you can use if you don’t have a website! Tools like free logo maker, QR code generator, business car maker, free invoice generator, free barcode generator, free image resizer etc. Yes there are more than 2o FREE business tools in this Shopify Tools page.

Free Business Tools

Fast, user-friendly and search engine (SEO) compatible

Fast opening of web pages is very important in search engine optimization. The impact of site speed on search engine rankings and sales has been proven.

Shopify is pretty good at speed. Shopify provides all kinds of server support that your e-commerce store needs as performance.

With its mobile-compatible pages, Shopify brings you an advantage in both Google searches and offers the opportunity to sell to your visitors via mobile phones.

In terms of SEO, both the standard functions of Shopify and add-ons that you can add later bring you an advantage in competition.

Thanks to the mobile compatible manager panel, you can easily track your sales and stock from your mobile phone when you are not at work.

Since secure internet (SSL) is active in your domain name that you connect to Shopify, this brings you an advantage in search engine ranking. Google says it will prioritize sites that run entirely over SSL.

Shopify has a huge additional app store.

It is very easy to develop Shopify with additional Shopify apps and plugins.
No technical knowledge is required to improve Shopify. Just as it is possible to develop a WordPress blog with plugins, Shopify can also gain new functionality with plugins.

For example, you want to add a share button with Whatsapp? You can install the free plug-in that provides this without any software knowledge and start it up immediately.

Want to create a mailing list? You can install and start the related plugin immediately.

Do you want to print your orders and invoices? The order printing application developed by Shopify is offered free of charge.

Do you want to apply time-limited discounts to increase your sales? There are many free and paid applications for this job.

Paid plugins are available at reasonable prices in the app store, where there are hundreds of free Shopify plugins.

Sell ​​more with new sales channels

With Shopify, you gain the opportunity to make sales not only in your online store but also in every online environment and on the channel.

If you wish, you can open your Facebook store on your Facebook page and make sales, or you can gain direct sales by adding a “buy” button to your existing blog.

Thanks to the direct sales opportunity, you can easily sell from any social channel such as Instagram. When you find a new medium, you can instantly turn it into your sales channel.

Every new sales channel potentially means you earn more. Here is a great article about Shopify Sales Channels.

Why Shopify? Work long term with reliable company

Founded in 2004, Shopify is a public company and its stock is traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

Reaching $ 5 billion company value in early 2017, Shopify is the world’s largest cloud-based e-commerce infrastructure provider.

There are 500,000 online stores using Shopify worldwide and it is increasing day by day.

When you set off with a reliable, self-improving company, you will always be advantageous in competition because you work with the best. I think it is important that the future of the company is bright when answering the Shopify question.

How can I open an online store with Shopify?

Shopify for free

To get started with Shopify, you can open your 14-day free trial Shopify account and see and test the features of Shopify yourself.

Your account is activated instantly and you enter your products within minutes and you have an e-commerce store ready for sale. If you have an existing POS or PayU, iyzico account, you can integrate the payment channel and make your first sale on the same day.

You can also read the related article on how to choose the Shopify package you want to continue at the end of the 14-day trial period.

Here is all features of Shopify packages:

Shopify Pricing