15 Old Social Media Channels, Once Legends


Vine, Google Plus and MySpace, which have ravaged the Internet with their popularity in the past, but have been removed from the market as a result of wrong policies or defeats their competitors, let's look together.

Nowadays, social media and the Internet have an impact on every aspect of our lives. Even if you're not a tough social media user, like Vine, Google Plus or MySpace social media giants hatırlı here. These social media platforms, once used by millions, are no longer among us.

But in history social media channels but not limited to. Many social media platforms fail to protect their masses and disappear after time, both as a result of wrong policies and after losing their superiority over their competitors.

Vine, MySpace is once a legend of social media platforms:



This application, which pushes the limits of the creativity of the users by fitting the worlds in 6 seconds, passed away on December 16, 2016 when its creator unplugged. But apparently users Vina They were determined to replace the practice. Particularly popular recently, tic tok is used as a kind of vine application of today.

Google Plus

google plus

In 2011, Google launched as a competitor to existing social networks Google PlusIn fact, YouTube, Gmail, such as services aimed at gathering under one roof.

When the calendars showed April 2, 2019, Google Plus said goodbye to users. Google cited that they could not reach the potential they wanted, but published on October 8, 2018. At the Wall Street Journal The disclosure of hundreds of thousands of Google Plus users played an important role.


The largest social network in the world between 2005-2008 MySpaceIn 2008, Facebook lost popularity with the worldwide popularity, and for MySpace, things started to get worse.

Finally the company found before 2015, 50 million songs and 12 years of experience with all the data lost in the eyes of the site has lost confidence in the eyes of users.


hi5 site

Again in the mid-2000s, it was a very popular social network. hi5In 2009, Facebook became another victim of its growing popularity. Facebook's popularity against the social platform for a player before the site turned into a success in this area could not achieve the desired platform tried to convert. But he still could not achieve the desired success.


Yonja, which can be described as a web version of local and national Tinder, matchmaking was used for the purpose of a website. This web site, which was very popular in the early days of online dating, is now reminiscent of a small Anatolian town after 6 pm.


Started broadcasting in 2005 I Hocam.coClosed in 2018 after 13 years of broadcasting. The site, which has a membership approval process open to students, was also known as the Yonja of METU, although it was a place of political debate.



Between 2002-2004 1 million users One of the first social networks to reach the number of Friendster, in 2003, Google rejected the offer of 30 million made the biggest mistake in history. The site was very simple and used to make new friends, to share messages or social activities. But after MySpace built a wider audience, the site never recovered its old popularity.


Reaching 1 million users just 9 days after its inception Bebocould not make the desired difference in the sector, and began to disappear. The website, purchased by the former owner after changing hands a few times, could not make any breakthrough.



Although the founder is a Turkish Even though, Orkut could not reach its popularity in India and Brazil. The site, which took its name from its founder Orkut Büyükkökten, is known by its founder as Orkut existed while there was no Facebook. With Orkut falling behind Facebook as the number of its members, Orkut Büyükökten decided to start its new project Hello.



Instagram DailyBooth, a photo sharing network similar to that, was founded about a year and a half before Instagram took its place in the market. Founded in February 2009, the site reached its 1 millionth photo in September 2009. However, in 2012, Airbnb'nin team with the inclusion of the site team DailyBooth disappeared.



In 2007, a group of former Google FriendFeed, a social network established by its employees, was closed down in 2015 by buying Facebook for 15 million dollars in cash and 32 million dollars for a share.

iTunes Ping

iTunes Ping

Music-focused iTunes Ping Apple Although it benefited from the initiative of a strong company such as the desired success and could not show a kind of integration in 2012 was closed.



Meerket started broadcasting in a highly innovative way. live broadcasts was one of the most important sites that led to our lives. But unfortunately, the steps taken by giants such as Twitter and Facebook was the end of Meerket., one of the most popular anonymous questioning sites of the time, is no longer as popular. One of the main reasons for this is a more modern design Curioscat. Up anonymous questioning site.

Connected2. Up

Founded by another Turkish entrepreneur and anonymous is a site where you can chat with people as it looks for the glory period of 2013. In recent years, the web site has been disabled for the users through the application. At the same time more trying to reach an international line of the site is not very successful.

Once accessible to millions of users, even in the first place on many issues, these sites either disappeared or lost their popularity as new alternatives emerged and they could not keep up with the modern era. But people sense of sharing has not lost anything from the past.