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If you do not have an eidetic memory, you will eventually forget passwords – especially if you do not use them every day and they are also somewhat complex. For example, for the account with the train, which you urgently need when you are standing on the platform and in a hurry. Remedies promise password managers, i.e. programs that remember everything that user names and passwords have been typed into the browser over the course of time, and save the whole thing as securely as possible on the computer.

An obvious question is why you should install a password manager for this: Almost every browser has its own function for storing passwords, and many can also synchronize the data with other devices via a cloud-based user account. That may be true, but it becomes complicated when passwords are to be made available across platforms and browsers: on the Windows PC with Firefox, on the Android smartphone with Chrome and, if necessary, on the iPad. This is where password managers come into play.

The selection is huge and hard to oversee, which is why we selected products that meet a few basic requirements. The software should be available in German, there must be mobile apps for Android and iOS, and there must also be the ability to synchronize the passwords across different devices, without having to manually export data records on one device and on the other need to import.

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