17 Extensions For Google Chrome That Will Be Your Favorite


Google Chrome, the most used web browser in the world, has thousands of add-ons. Some of them are extremely unnecessary and slow down your system, some are really useful and Google Chrome should offer as a feature. We have compiled the add-ons that will be your favourites, by taking a nice tour of the Chrome Store for you.

Google Chromeis currently the most used web browser in the world. It’s fast and well-designed packed with essentials, but the real strength of Google Chrome is its library of add-ons that let you customize it and add new functionality. Even In the Chrome Web Store There are so many plugins out there that you may have a hard time deciding which one will work for you or not.

We will save you the trouble and be very useful for your business and in our opinion the best Google Chrome We brought together the plugins. The add-ons in the list we have created offer very useful features for editors, students, those who hang out on the Internet frequently or for everyday users, and they are all very simple to use.

google chrome extensions

How to install an extension on Google Chrome?

  • Go to the Chrome Web Store,
  • Choose an extension you want to install Chrome,
  • Go to the plugin’s page,
  • Click the Add to Chrome button.

Useful Google Chrome extensions:

Allows you to hover over images and see them in full size Hover Zoom+:

best chrome extensions

Hover Zoom+ is a very useful plugin especially for editors. Thanks to the Hover Zoom+ plugin, when you hover the mouse cursor over a picture, you can see the original size of the picture without opening any new window. Moreover, when you move the mouse cursor over the picture and enlarge it, it will appear on your keyboard. ā€˜Sā€™ You can download the image directly by pressing the button.

To quickly navigate between tabs with your mouse keys CrxMouse Gestures:

Thanks to the CrxMouse Gestures plugin, you can set the transitions between your tabs or close tabs in your Google Chrome browser. custom mouse gestures you can assign. For example, right-click and swipe left to switch to the right tab, or right-click and swipe right to switch to the left tab.

To save and print the simplest version of a web page as PDF Print Friendly & PDF:

chrome print plugin

The Print Friendly & PDF Chrome extension is a complete student-friendly extension. With this plugin, when you want to print a web page, images, advertisements, links and all unnecessary elements. removes only the text and allows you to make edits on it. This plugin can be very useful when doing homework.

Prevent unused tabs from exploiting the internet and slowing down Chrome: The Great Suspender

best chrome extensions

The Great Suspender add-on is the perfect add-on for users who operate with too many tabs open in Google Chrome. Thanks to this plugin for a long time you do not use tabs detected and timed out, and your memory is not wasted unnecessarily. It doesn’t take long to reload the page either.

To collect tabs under folders Session Buddy:

Session Buddy is a great plugin for freelancers who usually make their income from freelancing. Thanks to this plugin, you can constantly open and see your work. can make tabs into folders and you can open them all at the same time with one click.

To review your history in more detail Better History:

chrome history clearing

The Better History plugin is a plugin that makes your normal browser history feed much more detailed. With this add-on, you can track the visit dates of the visited sites in your browser history. down to the second You can see what you want and you can easily find what you want thanks to its simple interface.

Here’s Microsoft’s add-on for being comfortable with anything on the internet: OneNote Web Clipper

chrome note taking plugins

OneNote Web Clipper is an official note-taking plugin released by Microsoft. Thanks to this add-on, you can directly take notes in an editable form and save it to your cloud, which you find on a website. Not only the texts but also the photos and PDF files too You can take notes.