17 words about coronavirus and their meanings

As we continue to feel the coronavirus outbreak by increasing its impact, we have started to hear many terms that we are not used to in daily life in news and social media. These terms, dominated by medical professionals, entered our lives at jet speed due to the extraordinary agenda. Apparently, they will not come out easily after that. We have listed the terms and meanings associated with coronavirus, which we often hear for you.

Pandemic, endemia, COVID-19, intubated, infected, corona, test kit… While the coronavirus spreads to every corner of our country, we come across terms and concepts that we are not used to in social media from morning to evening. Knowing these concepts, we will get the least is as important as personal precautions.

Understanding the experts' explanations correctly, what happens when sharing what we learned with others information errors will also prevent him. Therefore, we have compiled and explained the meanings of the terms that entered our lives with coronavirus for you in their simplest possible ways.

Concepts related to the coronavirus outbreak:

  • Virus,
  • Korona,
  • coronavirus
  • Covidien-19,
  • Epidemic and Pandemic,
  • Being infected and infected,
  • To be disinfected and disinfected,
  • Immune system,
  • Intubated,
  • Test kit,
  • N95 mask,
  • Risk group,
  • Symptom,
  • Contact,
  • Isolation,
  • Social distance,
  • Covidiot,


what is a virus

To the factors that can only infect living cells and multiply within the cells it infects and destroy those cells. virus The name is given. They are organisms that remain scientifically alive and inanimate. The reason for this is that they will hold on in a short time to live is that they need a host. However, there are scientific studies that accept viruses are alive.



Although corona or English equivalent of "corona" enters our lives with a virus extension, 5 different meanings there is. The word corona on the agenda is actually an anatomical concept and “Protruding crown-like structure surrounding the whole” it means.

Corona is also in astronomy we mean the layer of gas that surrounds the stars. we can see the corona layer of our star during a total solar eclipse. Same time botanically crowned structures of plants, in architecture it is also used to describe column structures. We keep the anatomical meaning in mind, and put other meanings in our pocket for the purpose of general culture.


It is the general name of the virus family, which has a spherical shape and a crown structure surrounding it, and has different types. In other words, the concept of “coronavirus”, which we frequently use recently, is actually not new. Coronaviruses are often found in animals, but are generally not transmitted to humans. Recorded when people got infected 3 different outbreaks has:

  • 2002Started in Hong Kong SARS-CoV type coronavirus outbreak: Severe acute respiratory syndrome
  • 2012Started in Saudi Arabia Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus type coronavirus outbreak: Middle East respiratory syndrome
  • 2019Started in China SARS-CoV-2 type (new) coronavirus outbreak: COVID-19 disease (very similar to SARS disease in 2002)

All coronaviruses, except for the known outbreaks above, have not been transmitted to humans so far. As the new type of coronavirus SARS CoV-2 is a new virus for the scientific world, vaccination studies with temporary and permanent treatment continue.


covid-19 patient

The new type of coronavirus is the scientific name of the disease caused by SARS-CoV-2. COVID-19 is not a virus, is the name of the disease caused and should not be confused.

Endemia, Epidemia and Pandemic:


  • Endemic: Epidemic seen in a small and certain human population in a certain period,
  • Epidemic: Medical epidemic that is widespread in a society or country,
  • Pandemic: The epidemic is a transnational state that emerges from a region, geography or society and spreads worldwide.

For example, when the new type of coronavirus started to spread in Wuhan, China, a endemicityWhen spread across China epidemicwhen it leaps to other countries and embraces the world pandemic has been described as an epidemic. The epidemic is a general concept that includes all three words.

Being infected and infected:


In its simplest form exposure to the virus means. Anyone who is infected does not show the same symptoms under equal conditions and conditions. Even an infected person may not realize the situation without showing the symptoms of the disease.

To be disinfected and disinfected:


One place is to clean the object or our body from viruses or all harmful organisms. For disinfection procedures, we are at home soaps, shampoos used. The colognes and specially produced for this job disinfectant fluids (purel) it is harmless to the body.

Immune system:

immune system

In the body, against a virus or bacteria of all the warring systems is the general name. The immune system can be improved with healthy living conditions, it can collapse in unhealthy living conditions.



In order for a patient with respiratory failure to receive respiratory support, pipe insertion from the outside to the breathing tube intubationto do this intubate means. Patients who go to respiratory failure due to coronavirus can survive thanks to the pipes extending from the breathing apparatus. Patients who have this procedure intubated patient The name is given.

Test kit:

test kit coronavirus

A team used to have an idea or make sure about the presence of any infection or disease in the body medical equipment and medical device are ready-made packages. There are different test kits as there are different test types used for coronavirus.

N95 mask:

95 masks

It is a type of filter mask that has started to be referred to as coronavirus mask but has been in our lives for a very long time. Although most people use N95 masks for themselves, this is not really necessary. Like ordinary masks, N95 masks especially healthcare professionals should be used by people at high risk of infection. For this reason, the Ministry of Health has attached the sale of the N95 type mask to the prescription in order to eliminate the mining caused by unnecessary use.

WARNING: Masks sold as coronavirus masks on the internet are not N95 masks and do not protect you as you think. They even increase the risk of your disease by making the humid environment ready for the growth of different viruses and bacteria in your facial area.

Risk group:

risk group

It is the limitation in which people who are found to be most affected by a disease or epidemic are identified. The highest risk group for coronavirus is 65 years and older. Therefore, the Ministry of Health, 65 and over it forbade citizens to go out on the streets.



Symptoms. It is a state of experiencing a series of biological activities that indicate the disease. For COVID-19 disease caused by coronavirus high fever, cough, and breath Shortness.



Normally few people do not know the word contact, but during the coronavirus outbreak this word means the same as being infected bears. What causes the epidemic to spread worldwide is that insensitive people are in contact. For this reason, the whole world should avoid contact whenever possible until the rate of rise in the epidemic is considered.

Social distance:

social distance

Social distance was not actually a term on the agenda until the coronavirus epidemic. This is why even the slightest flu pandemic was spreading locally. Nowadays, it has become a concept that sits at the center of our lives and causes us to physically distance us even with our loved ones. However, for our loved ones and the society we live in, we should pay attention to the social distance until the emergency passes and contact other people. 1.5 meter we have to set a distance.



This word, adapted from Turkish to French, means isolation. Although it is used in many areas, it means “isolating the individual from standard life” for social life. Patients with coronavirus They are isolated from life under serious circumstances by the authorities.



In a city, region or country where an infectious disease is common, all transport, civil life is supervisedis a health measure to which it is subject to prohibitions. The decision is taken and applied by the official authorities.



It is a new word that does not yet correspond to Turkish and officially entered the English language with the coronavirus epidemic. People who do not take social distance and isolation measures despite all warnings against coronavirus. These people are the coronavirus or those that cause different outbreaks to spread in different periods. Although it may sound like a fun concept at first, it actually defines a serious situation.