1940 Batman comic sets record at US auction

A 1940 Batman comic book set a record at a US auction. The auction house Heritage Auctions announced on Friday (local time) in Dallas, Texas, that $ 1.53 million (including buyer’s premium) had already been offered before the auction. At the planned live auction on January 14th, this price could still be exceeded.

The bid for the comic book is already above the previous Batman record holder. In November, Heritage auctioned the 1939 “Detective Comics # 27” issue with the first appearance of the iconic Batman figure for $ 1.5 million.

At the time of this screenshot, the bid for the comic book was $ 1.530 million including buyer’s premium.

(Bild: Heritage Auctions ( / Screenshot))

On the cover of the now available comic strip “Batman # 1”, Batman and his young companion Robin fly against a yellow background and the red skyline of Gotham City. The characters Joker, Hugo Strange and Catwoman also appear in the booklet. The auction house announced that the magazine was in almost perfect condition. A collector bought it in 1979 for $ 3,000 in Houston, Texas. The original booklet cost ten cents in 1940.


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