2.07% of the Cases Lost Their Lives in the World

According to the calculation made with the data announced to date, 2.07% of COVID-19 cases died worldwide. Well, if we do the same calculation in our country, what does the situation look like?

It emerged as a mysterious disease in China in December 2019 and spread all over the world in a short time. COVID-19still continues to affect the world. Although some countries are slowly returning to normal thanks to vaccination, measures continue to be taken almost everywhere. On the other hand, in India and Brazil, the disease started to spread further.

COVID-19, a deadly disease, has caused millions of lives worldwide to date. Well, the number of people who lost their lives and the total number of cases in proportion to each other How is the table shaped? The answer to this question can be given by a simple calculation.

2.07% of cases died worldwide:


According to the figures announced by all countries to date, 162 million 593 thousand 622 cases recorded. Of these cases 3 million 373 thousand 183 of them died. 140 million 497 thousand 261 of the cases have recovered. When the death, recovery and number of cases were compared, the table was as follows:

  • Of cases % 2.07’si he lost his life.
  • Of cases %86,41’i he recovered.
  • Of cases %11,51’i still active.

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How is the picture in Turkey?

In recent weeks, a serious increase has been observed in the number of cases in our country. When the total number of cases exceeds 60 thousand and the number of deaths exceeds 300 full closure decision was made. The complete closure process worked according to the numbers announced and the number of cases has decreased to 11 thousand in recent days. The death toll fell below 300.

With the addition of the data announced yesterday (14 May 2021), the total the number of cases to 5 million 95 thousand 390 reached. Total The number of deaths is 44 thousand 301 happened. 4 million 894 thousand 24 people survived COVID-19. When the percentages were calculated in the light of these data, the table was as follows:

  • Of cases 0.86% he lost his life.
  • Of cases %96,04’ü he recovered.
  • Of cases %3,08’i still active.

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