20-minute photography exercises for a creative everyday life


You don’t have to travel far to capture expressive images. And you don’t have to plan a lot of time for it. There is often a buffer for everyone to integrate their hobby into everyday life – whether with a smartphone or digital camera. 20 minutes are enough to open up a wide variety of facets in photography. And the welcome side effect: you train your own vision every day. You will get to know your camera more intensively, find new motifs and develop new techniques for yourself. And if a big vacation is coming up, you are ready to devote yourself to your favorite hobby without a long training period.

With this article and the topic of “photography in between” I want to fill in gaps – in the head and on the camera. I want to provide stimulation, inspiration and food for thought and thus open new doors of creativity. It is important that you recognize the potential of different, even ordinary locations and actually implement images there. The technology itself doesn’t necessarily matter. It often happens that I don’t have my normal camera with me – for example during my lunch break. I then pull out my smartphone. This provides good quality in various situations so that photos can also be printed larger.

20 minutes doesn’t really strain your time budget and you can find exciting motifs everywhere. Regardless of whether you live or work, a nearby forest, a lake, a pond or a pond. The urban environment with its train stations, port facilities and airports is also a treasure trove of motifs. Is there an old cemetery near you? Or a farm? On the way to work or home, just take a different descent and get to know places so close that you would not have even thought of before. Discover motifs on bridges, in supermarket parking lots or in the canteen. Do you have any monuments or sculptures near where you live or work? Try to let this appear in a new light. You can use different weather or light situations in a targeted manner. Get involved, especially when the road isn’t far.

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