20 Sites and Practices That Teach Coding, Like Code Org

Mr. Do you dream of being a software developer like Elliot while watching a robot? Or, like Mark Zuckerberg, you want to create a website and succeed? If you don't know where to start, you can find the web sites and applications that we have compiled for you to make a fun introduction to the coding universe.

The technology we are intertwined at every point of our lives now dominates many sectors. As a natural consequence of this, learn coding slowly becoming a necessity.

Coding is a complex, difficult-to-learn concept for many people. But if you start from simple concepts like a newly learned foreign language and practice, you may find that it is not as difficult as you think. No longer coding courses The fact that children start around the age of 7 is an indication of this.

One of the most advanced web sites Particularly suitable for children aged 4-10, Angry Birds, Minecraft, Artist, such as content that can attract their interest by providing coding aims to teach. Of course, Not alone in this area. If you want to make an introduction to coding, you can start your coding training by browsing the 20 websites and mobile applications in our article.

What is coding?

Coding is a sequence of commands written to a computer system or electronic circuit. It's a kind of computer-speaking language.

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How is coding done?

The first thing you need to learn to do coding is a programming language. Before you start coding, you need to learn a suitable programming language for whatever purpose you want to code. More than 250 programming language In the coding universe, you should keep in mind that some languages ​​are easier and more user-friendly than other languages.

When you learn a programming language from a technical point of view, you also learn what codes can do and their functions. Then you can bring them together to reveal exactly what you to your imagination I have stayed.

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Websites that teach code-like coding:

Codin Game

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Cobin Game is a browser based game designed to teach more than 20 programming languages ​​such as Python, Ruby, Java and Scala. Especially basic The game also includes different levels of difficulty for experts.

CheckIO and Empire of Code

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CheckIO and Empire of Code, according to your request Pyhton or JavaScript are strategy-based games you can learn. The Empire-Code with space theme aims to teach coding by protecting your base and attacking your enemies, while CheckIO aims to improve your skills using others' solutions.


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Codecademy is a platform where you can learn many programming languages ​​such as JavaScript, CSS, Pyhton, and online coding courses according to your needs. teaching interactive and a fun way to choose, Codecademy also offers a multiplayer experience, including your friends.


codemonkey, coffescript is a website that teaches users how to develop their own games in HTML5 form. Although the target audience is children, it is also a fun site for adults who want to learn coding.

Css Diner

Using a simple but fun learning method, CSS Diner has 32 different sections. CSS It aims to teach how selectors basically work.


Targeting students and teachers primarily codecombatis a browser-based game that can actually appeal to users of all ages. In this game where you can learn Python, JavaScript or CoffeeScript languages, you are trying to save your character from the dungeon with the educational commands given to you from the first part.


Coursera is a public online platform that offers online courses from many universities around the world. Coursera is one of the best coding courses. certificate feature.


W3Schools, a website designed to learn online coding, provides Web designing training. With W3Schools you can learn many languages ​​such as HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, XLM, SQL and JSP.


With FreeCodeCamp you can learn online website coding not only by working on it, but also by practicing it. What's more, FreeCodeCamp has active forum allows many users to find real-time help and interact with more professional users.

Code Avengers

An interactive and fun way to learn a programming language Code Avengershave courses that allow you to develop a website, application or even a game. You can learn languages ​​such as Java, Python, JavaScript, and HTML on this platform, where each course lasts 12 hours.

Applications that teach coding:

Khan Academy

Khan Academy, which aims to provide free education service to everyone everywhere, provides service to users with coding training and programming courses.

Solo Learn

Solo Learn has no code knowledge and scratch is designed for those who want to start out as an application. The application, which consists of different sections that users must pass, has a minimum score to pass each section. This allows users to practice and learn coding until they reach that score.

Code Hub

in total, 50 different Code Hub is designed for users to learn coding quickly and effectively. Each course is divided into 4 parts of the application has a large knowledge pool. In this way, you can choose the course you want to take more easily.


Developed by Google grasshopperoffers a separate course for beginners and a separate course for those who want to improve themselves. The application has a slideshow that tells the basics of coding for beginners and aims to prepare you for the next step with small quizzes.


Exactly what we can think of as an exercise application Enkiis an application that aims to improve your coding skills by enabling you to practice with daily exercises. All you have to do is select the desired programming language and leave the rest to Enki.

Mobile games that teach coding:

tynka is

Tynker, designed to teach children coding in different age groups, first enables them to grasp the visual blocks, then JavaScript, Swift and Python.


At first episodes, you want to learn coding for kids This game is cut out, but at the same time in the future that adults may have difficulty levels.


Unlike other applications, this game does not include writing code, is played entirely over the visuals. The purpose of this game developed for children, students in sudden situations quick thinking to gain skills.

Run Marco

Run Marco aims to experience how computer programming feels adventure It is a game. In this adventure, Google's open-source project language aims to teach programming languages ​​on different platforms using Blockly.

Robozzl to

In fact, an old computer game Robozzle, today, mobile operating systems also manifests itself. 1024 The object of the game is to collect items with the robot character you have, which has more sections. To do this you can also learn coding using the appropriate parameters.

Today, when we think that all the technological tools around us are programmable, it is clear how important coding education is for humanity. No matter how old you are, you're not too late to learn coding.

Now you can try the sites and applications mentioned in our article coding universe you can take steps and improve yourself by practicing more.