200 More Firefighters Coming From Azerbaijan


It has been announced that 200 more firefighters will come from Azerbaijan to support the extinguishing, cooling and rescue efforts in the ongoing fires in our country. Azerbaijani Minister of Emergency Situations Heydarov said that the support will continue until the fires are extinguished.

Support continues to come from different countries for the extinguishing of forest fires. 510 personnel affiliated to the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Azerbaijan since the start of the fires, an amphibious aircraft, a helicopter and 93 fire trucks A new support team is coming from Azerbaijan, which supports our country with

According to the statements made today by the Minister of State of Emergency of Azerbaijan Kemaleddin Haydarov 200 more firefighters will be sent to our country. In his statement, Haydarov stated that the forest fires in Turkey are in the center of attention of President Ilham Aliyev, will continue until the end expressed.

‘Working with the authorities in Turkey’:

azerbaijan fire support

Stating that the fire agenda in our country is also a major agenda item in Azerbaijan, Haydarov said that his assistant Etibar Mirzeyev, who went to Turkey, talked about the current situation and studies regarding fires. working with the authorities in our country stated. Heydarov also said that the situation is regularly reported to President Aliyev.


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In the statement of Heydarev, “200 more firefighters will be sent to Turkey upon the instruction of President Aliyev. we we are one nation two states. Both our heads of state and our peoples have always shown their loyalty to this idea. Today, we see another example of this friendship and brotherhood at the highest level. We believe that the fires in brotherly Turkey will be extinguished in a short time. Our brothers and sisters will overcome this test with their perseverance and skills, as they have done with all difficulties so far. Azerbaijani firefighters and rescuers, until the fires are completely extinguished He will be with his Turkish brothers” he said.

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