200 TL Coupon is given in Huawei’s Online Store

Huawei offers a discount coupon of up to 200 TL to anyone who downloads the mobile application it brings to Android for its online store. Discount coupons are valid for products with a certain price range.

Huawei Store came up with a nice campaign with its mobile application for Android users. Company, Huawei Store Everyone who downloads and logs the application Up to 200 TL distributing coupons. With these coupons that are currently accessible, you can buy phones, tablets, computers, peripherals and various accessories sold in Huawei Store.

The coupons you received from this campaign that will be valid until August 31 Until September 15 You can use. Huawei, which distributes 2 different coupons, offers a discount of 100 TL 2000 TL and for purchases over and above, the discount coupon of 200 TL 3000 TL and above allows you to use shopping.

How can you get up to 200 TL coupons from Huawei?

  • from Huawei 200 TLTo reach coupons up to here Click to reach Huawei’s website.
  • You can then access mobile applications using the QR codes at the bottom of the page. also here (AppGallery) or here You can download the application by clicking (Google Play). If the app is installed, upgrade to the latest version.
  • Note: Huawei Mobile Services pre-installed phones appgallery link should be used.
  • Open the app.
  • You need to be a member of the Huawei Store application. If you are a member, log in with your account.
  • On the page that opens, choose one of the coupons in front of you.

  • The coupon has been processed into your account.

These coupons can be used in products in different price ranges. In other words, we cannot buy a product of 205 TL for the 200 TL coupon. If you intend to buy more expensive products such as phones from Huawei Store, a 200 TL coupon will work for you.

Opportunity to win coupons up to 130 TL with the gift wheel


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Huawei also distributes coupons between 20 TL and 130 TL every day with the gift wheel at the bottom of the Huawei Store. You can have 2 more spins when you share the wheel you have the right to spin 3 times daily.