2020 Summer Season in Practices Canceled in Practice

In the summer of 2020, movies are postponed one after another. In the summer of this year, there will not be many important productions that we can watch in the cinema. This can make different films surprise.

coronavirus pandemic One of the first sectors affected was cinema. In the coming time slowly Even though the occupancy rates of the halls expected to be opened will be quite low when we look at the measures taken.

So tens, hundreds Million dollars investing producers do not want to play their movies in empty rooms. This causes many productions to be postponed. Many movies have been canceled so far.

Big productions are delayed consecutively


An important part of the productions July postponed to be released in the middle or late of the month. On the other hand, there are other important productions that are known to be released in that period. Especially Warner Bros’ calendar seems very tight with the latest postponements.

Finally Of Christopher Nolan Tenet film was also postponed. Warner bros At the same time, Wonder Woman will try to compress 1984. In addition, it seems that the summer period will be quite sedentary in cinema.


AT&T’s Warner Bros. Allegedly Launched Interactive

Currently Walt Disney’s Mulan The movie will be released on July 24. Warner Bros had the opportunity to release Tenet on the 17th anniversary of Inception on July 17. on the other hand Disney’s seems to be able to carry Mulan to the week of August 14th.

There is another important situation for new productions to be released: Academy awards. These awards, also known as Oscars, are likely not to be given this year. This may cause important productions to be thrown to 2021. For the 2020 article, new productions and new names may have the opportunity to show themselves.

Disney could make a mark this summer



Apparently Disney is Working on the Live Action Adaptation of Black Cauldron, 1985

With Mulan not being postponed Disneymay be the biggest winner of this summer. Currently, there is not much to be a blockbuster in the films that will be released in the summer. It does not appear to be potential in productions like Greenland, where Gerard Butler struggles with meteorite.

Mulan’s introduction to the vision, July 17Disney theme parks will be opened to visitors and will be held in Disney World with 22 teams specially this year. NBA Playoffs has a chance to make its mark on the summer of 2020.

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