2021 Fiat Egea Models Features and Price List


2021 Fiat Egea is one of the most preferred automobile models in our country with its performance, fuel consumption and sales price. In this content, we will take a detailed look at the new Egeas, which are on everyone’s lips.

Italian automobile manufacturer Fiat, which was announced for the first time in 2015 and became one of the most popular automobile models in a short time. Fiat Egea announced its renewed models in the past months. Thus, a new crossover model has been added to the Fiat Egea family, which has been offered for sale with sedan, hatchback and station wagon options until now.

The renewed Fiat Egeas come with many upgrades in terms of design and technique. Cross, then, hatchback and station wagon The 2021 model Fiat Egea family, which comes in 4 different body types, including; Easy/Street, Urban and Lounge It has 3 different hardware options. Here is the design, technical features and current price list of the renewed 2021 Fiat Egea family.


Exterior design:

Fiat Egea exterior design

The new Fiat Egea series, which has not received major changes in terms of design, has seen the biggest changes in the grilles, sportier full LED headlights and the renewed FIAT logo. Vehicles with grilles equipped with chrome details, 16 and 17 inch alloy Diamond cut with rims draws attention. It can also be said that the new FIAT logo, used for the first time in the Fiat 500 series, adds a more elegant and premium atmosphere to the vehicles.

In terms of size, each of the vehicles, which remains almost the same compared to previous generations, is 1,542 mm wide. Length While the station wagon is the longest model with 4,571 mm, it is followed by the sedan model with 4,532 mm and the hatchback model with 4,368 mm. from the ground heights Among the almost identical vehicles, the sedan model is 1,497 mm high, the hatchback model is 1,495 mm and the station wagon model is 1,514 mm, providing the driver with a relatively high seating position.

The new 2021 Fiat Egea family, which has a wide range of colors, With 7 different color options Emerges. These include Ocean Blue, Rock Black, Mediterranean Blue, Lead Grey, Pearl Beige, Passion Red and Cloud White. In the Cross model, additionally Orange, Dynamic Blue, Sport Gir, Tuscany Green and Bronze Brown colors are added. However, Pearl Beige and Mediterranean Blue options are not included in this model.

Interior design:

Fiat Egea interior design

Innovations in the new Egea and Cross models continue with the additions and changes made on the inside. Chrome detailed with new steering wheel the prominent 2021 model Egeas, 10 inch while offering a widescreen infotainment experience with its glossy black bezel tablet. 7 inch digital display With its panel, it allows the driver to customize the functions as he wishes.

Technology / Security:

Front parking sensor:

Fiat Egea you park sensor

What we see in the back of today’s vehicles parking sensorshas been moved to the front with the new Egea. Working with the same logic as conventional parking sensors, the system detects the objects in your path while you are parking and gives a warning.

Adaptive cruise control:

Fiat Egea adaptive cruise control

Adaptive cruise control systemIt is one of the features that we encounter in almost all of today’s new generation vehicles. Thanks to this feature, your Fiat Egea vehicle uses its front radar to maintain a predefined safe distance from the vehicle in front.

Lane keeping assist:

Fiat Egea lane keeping assistant

The new Fiat Egea lane keeping assistant If the vehicle unintentionally moves out of the lane while cruising above 60 km/h, the system creates a visual sign on the instrument panel with steering resistance in order to bring the vehicle into the lane. Thus, the driver can prevent a possible accident scenario before it happens.

Intelligent cruise control and traffic sign recognition system:

Fiat Egea interior design

In addition to adaptive cruise control, New Egea Intelligent cruise control and traffic sign recognition system it comes with. Thanks to this system, your vehicle can detect and recognize traffic signs and reflect them on the TFT instrument panel. It is also possible to set the speed of your vehicle to the maximum allowed speed detected by the traffic sign recognition system when the speed limiter is active.