2021 Fiat Egea Models Features and Price List

Fatigue warning assistant:

Fiat Egea fatigue warning assistant

This system, which can detect signs of fatigue by monitoring the sideways movements of your vehicle, is displayed on the instrument panel when necessary. with visual and audible warnings He or she may suggest you take a break.

Collision warning and autonomous braking system:

Fiat Egea Collision warning

with the vehicle in front at speeds of up to 200 km/h risk of collision reducing With this system, the vehicle starts to warn the driver with audible and visual warnings on the instrument panel in the first place. If the driver does not respond, automatic braking is activated to eliminate or reduce the risk of a potential collision.

Smart high beams:

Fiat Egea smart high beam

High beams You know how dangerous it is for oncoming drivers. Driving with the high beams on, especially during long distances, can lead to fatal accidents for the oncoming driver.

2021 Fiat Egea uses the automatic high beam system found in many new generation vehicles to prevent such accidents. Thanks to this system, if your vehicle detects another oncoming car during the journey, It turns off the high beams and immediately switches to the low beams. and after the vehicle has passed, the high beams are switched on again.


Driver seat lumbar support:

Fiat Egea driver seat

Coming with adjustable seats, the new Egea is in this seat to increase driver comfort. nice with the support it comes together. Thanks to this support, which adapts to your waist cavity, it is aimed to maintain the correct position while driving.

Front seat heating:

Fiat Egea we brought you

Sitting in a cold car on winter days, especially early in the morning, can feel like torture for many people. The new Fiat Egea, considering the comfort of the drivers Seat heating in the front passenger and driver seats has system.

Rear armrest:

Fiat Egea

To increase comfort when two people are traveling in the rear seat and to expand the space when three people are traveling foldable seat armrest you can use.

Fiat Egea equipment packages:

Fiat Egea Cross

  • Easy (Sedan)
  • Street (Cross, Hatchback, Station Wagon)
  • Urban
  • Lounge

The new Fiat Egea is basically 3 different hardware Comes with option. At this point Easy It is only available in the sedan chassis and is the most empty piece of equipment. In Cross, hatchback and station wagons, instead of Easy Street We see the hardware option. Again, this is the most empty package. later Urban as package middleware and Lounge The package welcomes us as top equipment.

Easy package Features such as new Fiat logo and glossy black front grille, new front bumpers, new steering wheel with chrome details, halogen front-rear headlights, 15-inch capped steel wheels, manual air conditioning, front armrest, 3.5-inch TFT instrument cluster, VP1 Bluetooth radio exists. The Street package, on the other hand, comes with 16-inch style wheels, LED Daytime running lights, tinted rear windows and rear parking sensors, in addition to the Easy.

Urban pakete 16 or 17-inch alloy wheels, depending on the model, full LED headlights and daytime running lights, LED tail lights, fog light and chrome bumper details, 7-inch tablet screen, Apple CarPlay / Android Auto support, automatic air conditioning, leather steering wheel and gear knob We see the cruise control system and the rear parking sensor.

Finally, the top equipment option Lounge packages 17-inch diamond-cut alloy wheels, full LED headlights and signature daytime running light, LED taillights, chrome or glossy black front grille, fog light and chrome details, automatic air conditioning, 10-inch tablet screen, 7-inch color TFT instrument cluster, wireless charging device, wireless Apple CarPlay / Android Auto support, keyless entry & start, blind spot warning system, rear row USB output and backup camera.

Fiat Egea performance, engines and fuel consumption:

Fiat Egea

For 2021 FIAT Egea 4 different engine options exists. Vehicles with a manual transmission option in all models, in the weakest engine. 95 horsepower while promising, power is in the most powerful engine option. 130 beygire coming out. The engine options and fuel consumptions of the Fiat Egea family are as follows: