2021 MacBook Pro Turkey Price Decreased Below US Price

The depreciation of the Turkish lira against the dollar caused a striking development regarding Apple’s 2021 MacBook Pro prices. So much so that now the 2021 MacBook Pro’s price in Turkey has even dropped below the US price in dollar terms.

The Turkish lira has been seriously affected by the exchange rate recently. value lost It’s an indisputable fact known to everyone. Of course, this situation directly concerns our lives. Because the import of technological products, in particular, causes the price of a product you plan to buy to increase a little more every day.

Some of us know; Citizens who knew abroad used to buy the products they wanted to buy from abroad at affordable prices through their acquaintances, instead of buying them from Turkey. In this way, it is possible to avoid some of the taxes such as customs, VAT and SCT. survivor Citizens would have the product at more affordable prices. Now this is the case reversed. The MacBook Pro models, recently launched by the US-based technology giant Apple, are now starting to cost more in Turkey than in the USA. Coming soon to Turkey Tourists who come to buy MacBooks if we seewe wouldn’t be surprised…

How much are the 2021 MacBook Pro models in Turkey?

MacBook Pro

Apple announced the 2021 MacBook Pro models in 2 versions with 14-inch and 16-inch screens. If you want to have a MacBook Pro with a 14-inch screen, you can do without adding anything to this product. 23 thousand 499 TL you can get in return. The price of the model with a 14-inch screen, in which a more powerful processor is used, is 28 thousand 999 TL. When we look at the versions with 16-inch screens, 28 thousand 999 TL, 31 thousand 199 TL and 39 thousand 999 TL You are faced with 3 different prices. So how many dollars can the same products be bought in the US market?

MacBook Pro

As you can see in the image above; Apple’s 14-inch MacBook Pro model, which can be purchased for 23 thousand 499 TL in Turkey, is in the USA. $ 1,999 can be purchased. When we look at the dollar rate as of the date of this content on November 23, 13:52, we see that a consumer in the US has at least one purchase for the new MacBook Pro. 24 thousand 659 TL We see that he has to pay. The 14-inch screen and more powerful MacBook Pro’s price in Turkey is 28 thousand 999 TL. 30 thousand 827 TLIt corresponds to . well A consumer earning dollars in the USA, both 14-inch versions can be cheaper than Turkey. Let’s take a look at the 16-inch MacBook Pro models.

In the version with 16-inch screen, the gap between the USA and Turkey widens even more.

MacBook Pro 16 inch

A consumer pays $2,499 for the starter variant of the 16-inch MacBook Pro. The Turkish equivalent of this dollar-based currency is, 30 thousand 827 TL. The price of the same product in Turkey is 28 thousand 999 TL. When we continue with the variants; The amount to be paid in Turkey is 31 thousand 199 TL for the MacBook Pro, which can be purchased for $ 2,699 (33 thousand 295 TL). A US person who wants to have the most powerful MacBook Pro with a 16-inch screen costs 3.499 dollars (equivalent to 43 thousand 164 TL), while in Turkey it is 39 thousand 999 TL. The difference is £3,165 on the top model, so Rising up to $256.

As you can see in the above accounts, the US now has a MacBook Pro to their relatives in Turkey. Much cheaper than the USA they can buy. Although it may seem that there are no huge differences between countries, the price difference of up to 256 dollars is quite a bit of money like the USA. that it is valuable Definitely remarkable for a country.


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