2021 Motor Vehicle Tax (MTV) Amount Has Been Determined


With the communiqués published in the Official Gazette today, the 2021 MTV and SCT amounts have been announced. Accordingly, the lowest MTV to be paid in 2021 was 109 TL, while the special communication tax amount was announced as 86 TL.

Published in the Official Gazette as of today Motor Vehicle Tax General Communiqué and Special Communication Tax General Communiqué Along with this, the real estate tax to be paid next year, MTV and specific taxes from mobile phone subscription have been determined.

The lowest motor vehicle tax next year, according to the announced communiqué 109 TLis the highest motor vehicle tax 50 thousand 107 TL it will be. If the fixed tax for mobile phone subscription is 86 TL has been determined as.

In 2021, the lowest MTV will be 109 TL, the highest MTV will be 50 thousand 107 TL


According to engine displacement categorization, one of the most popular models in our country, the lowest tax in the engine category of 1,300 cm3 and less 109 TL while the highest tax 1.261 TL happened. Another popular category, 1301-1600 cm3 motor vehicles are at least 216 TL, if the highest 2.197 TL They will pay MTV.

Slightly falling market share in Turkey 1601-1800 cm3 motor vehicles every year while MTV will have to pay between £ 387 and £ 3881. You can check the amount of MTV to be paid in 2021 depending on the engine size and vehicle age in the table below.

2021 Motor Vehicle Tax (MTV) amounts

2021 MTV

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