2021 Season Begins in Formula 1: Here are the Teams and Drivers


The world’s best racers are ready to face off on Formula 1 tracks once again. Let’s get to know the teams and pilots that will compete in the 2021 season, which will be the season with the most races ever in Formula 1.

Whether it was Formula 1, NBA or other tournaments before these tournaments panorama magazines and booklets It was supplied with newspapers. In fact, a truly World Cup Book was made and distributed for the 1998 World Cup. Over time, these attachments first shrunk and then moved to digital. Even the newspaper is not something that can be read much anymore.

Still, panorama works are always something that people enjoy. Sets in this article we will not deal with it in great detailThere are successful YouTube channels and podcasts that do very detailed analysis on that subject. Our goal is more this year Who will we see on the grid? tell. We will also share my personal predictions for the end of the year, and you can write your own predictions in the comments. Buckle up, we’re going.

Mercedes Petronas AMG


Pilots: Lewis Hamilton & Valtteri Bottas

Whatever impression people made last year, what they said in training this year “Our car is not fast enough, we have problems, the gearbox is problematicF1 lovers like “to all of the sentences like Leyla and the brother Ismail in Mecnun “Yav he he” did and passed. Still this year they may not be as comfortable as last yearespecially if they’re already focused on next season’s car.

Emre’s Prediction: 1. (It will be surprised if they don’t)

Cagla’s Prediction: 1.

Uğurcan’s Prediction: 1.

Aston Martin Red Bull Racing

red bull racing

Pilots: Max Verstappen & Sergio Perez

Late last year, there was not much difference between the Red Bull car and the Mercedes. Red Bull, which also performed well in training this year, added experienced Sergio Perez to the team instead of Albon. This year the team is after a long break will want to be champion again. Perez is also expected to be more fierce than Albon.

Emre’s Prediction: 2. (but with less difference)

Cagla’s Prediction: 2.

Uğurcan’s Prediction: 2.

Ferrari Scuderi

ferrari 2021

Pilots: Charles LeClerc & Carlos Sainz Jr

It is not possible to separate Ferrari from Formula 1 and Formula 1 from Ferrari. After last year’s unsuccessful performance The team, which added Carlos Sainz Jr to its staff, made changes in the points where they had problems in the last year.

Emre’s Prediction: 5. (Those who make Ferrari say 5th place should be ashamed)

Cagla’s Prediction: 5.

Uğurcan’s Prediction: 6.



Pilots: Lando Norris & Daniel Ricciardo

Having achieved a relatively good performance last season, the team stands out in its group. To a name like Lando Norris also have. If the team with Daniel Ricciardo can adapt, they can perform very remarkably this year.

Emre’s Prediction: 3.

Cagla’s Prediction: 4.

Uğurcan’s Prediction: 4.

Alpine (Formerly Renault)


Pilots: Fernando Alonso & Esteban Ocon

Prior to the turbo hybrid era, the Mercedes team recruited a very important driver, German legend Michael Schumacher, to establish the winning team mentality. Renault losing something similar now Ricciardo, Alpine project and Alonso are trying with. The former championship will be accompanied by Esteban Ocon. This year we can see the Alpine team on or around a podium in several races.

Emre’s Prediction: 4. (If Alonso doesn’t hit misfortune)

Cagla’s Prediction: 9.

Uğurcan’s Prediction: 5.

Aston Martin Racing


Pilots: Sebastian Vettel & Lance Stroll

Returning to Formula 1 decades later, Aston Martin made a very sensational entrance to its important name like ebastian Vettel added. Last year’s pink ducks will be in a tougher fight this year. Big changes are not easy. This year things are definitely much more difficult.

Emre’s Prediction: 6.

Cagla’s Prediction: 3.

Uğurcan’s Prediction: 3.

Williams Racing


Pilots: George Russell & Nicolas Latifi

Last year scored 0 for the first time in its history This year does not look bright for the team either. The team’s goal is to develop a better car for the upcoming seasons and make their young pilots even better. George Russell and Nicolas Latifi, who took the Mercedes seat for a race last year, will want to score points this year.