2021 YKS Placement Results Announced

Measurement, Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM) President Prof. Dr. Halis Aygün announced that the results of the 2021 Higher Education Institutions Exam were announced. The announced date for registration will be September 6-10.

OSYM President Prof. Dr. Halis Aygün is waiting for hundreds of thousands of students excitedly. 2021 YKS placement results He stated that as of now, it can be controlled via the ‘’ website and the ÖSYM AİS mobile application.

Wishing the placement results to be beneficial for both students and their families, Prof. Dr. Aygün made the following statements in his statements on the subject; “Our precious young people, who are the future of our country, congratulate you heartily on this first step towards university life, I wish you success in your university life. I am sure that our young people who cannot settle in their preferences will definitely achieve their wishes with their determination and effort.”

How to check the result of YKS placement?

  • #Step 1: Firstly Go to.
  • #Step 2:2021 Higher Education Institutions Exam (2021-YKS) Placement ResultsClick the ‘ link.
  • #Step 3: TR ID/YU Number with Candidate Password entering ‘sendClick the r’ button.

Students who have the right to participate in any program, including their YKS placement results, will be able to complete their registration on September 6-10, 2021, and electronic registration on September 4-8, 2021. For registration, candidates must apply to the university to which their higher education program is affiliated, within the specified time.

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