2022 Model Porsche GT3 Touring Announced: Here’s the Price

Porsche has announced the 2022 GT3 Touring. The 3-door vehicle adopts the design language identified with the company’s iconic model. However, this design language is blended with today’s most popular design approaches. GT3 Touring, with a huge engine under its hood, deserves its price to the fullest.

Germany-based automobile giant Porsche has announced the newest of GT3, its most iconic model to date. “GT3 TouringThe car, named ” and launched as a 2022 model, is a ground plane. GT3 Touring, which carries a giant monster under its hood, is both GT3’s and GT3’s with its exterior design. traditional structure It protects and blends this structure with the most popular elements of the 2020s.

2022 Porsche GT3 Touring, although it seems to have a simple design ventilation holesThe automatically opening spoiler and the dual exhaust outlets located in the middle of the rear bumper of the vehicle add a very harsh air to this vehicle. Now integrated with Porsche round headlights While it is the same in the new model, the lighting at the rear extends from the back of the vehicle from one end to the other.

Introducing the 2022 model Porsche GT3 Touring

Porsche GT3 Touring

When we look at the interior of the 3-door vehicle, we see that it brings the feeling of sports appearance to nirvana. with custom-designed seats we meet. The Porsche logo on these seats is enough to understand what kind of monster you are in. When we look at the front console, we see a structure dominated by leather coating. In addition, in the middle part, a sufficient size multimedia screen is located. Just below this screen, there are buttons to manage the features in the vehicle. GT3 Touring, which has a gear knob that is no longer preferred, is relatively sade It will come with an interior design.

Porsche GT3 Touring

Under the hood of the 2022 Porsche GT3 Touring, 502 hp It has an engine that produces power. The engine with a torque value of 469 Nm, 4.0 liter it will almost drink the fuel with its volume. The power of this 6-cylinder engine enables the vehicle to accelerate from 0-100 km/h in just 3.2 seconds. By the way, with this beast maximum 317 km / s Let’s say you can reach the speed.

Porsche GT3 Touring

Starting price of the Porsche GT3 Touring, which will be launched towards the end of 2021, 161 thousand dollars announced as…


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