2Africa: Submarine cable from Facebook and Vodafone almost reaches the circumference of the earth


Facebook is working with telecommunications operators to build a 37,000-kilometer submarine cable that will serve 16 countries in Africa. That gave the company known in his blog. The length of the 2Africa submarine cable almost reaches the earth's circumference of around 40,000 kilometers.

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The submarine cable will be built around the entire African continent and, when it is completed in 2024, will deliver three times the capacity of all current submarine cables in Africa. In addition to Facebook, the South African MTN GlobalConnect, Telecom Egypt for Africa, Orange and Vodafone as European representatives, as well as China Mobile International. Another partner is the wholesaler West Indian Ocean Cable Company (WIOCC).

The parties have Alcatel Submarine Networks (ASN) commissioned to build the submarine cable. Alcatel Submarine Networks is part of Nokia, but has been on sale for a long time. The 2Africa submarine cable will implement SDM1, a new technology from ASN that supports the provision of up to 16 fiber pairs instead of eight. The capacity is 180 TBit / s.

"When completed, this new route will provide much needed Internet capacity, redundancy and reliability across Africa, complement the rapidly growing demand for Middle East capacity and support the continued growth of 4G, 5G and broadband access for hundreds of millions of people."Facebook said on its blog.

The cost of the 2Africa submarine cable, which will better connect Europe and the Middle East to Africa, has not been announced. The Bloomberg news agency reported that the many landing points required almost $ 1 billion, which is very expensive for a submarine cable.

Only four out of ten people across the continent of Africa have access to the Internet, compared to six out of ten worldwide.

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