3 things to carry Bitcoin to the new summit

Bitcoin returned after a hard fix. 'People's currency' has recently been steadily rising above $ 9,000, and today it has climbed up to $ 9,400 with a sharp rise.

Will Bitcoin reach the previous summit and set himself up for a new summit?

The first thing is that Bitcoin adoption rates, which are two common functions between traditional currencies, are higher as a value repository and a means of exchange. "It is assumed that Bitcoin will be used as a value store in the future," said Christian Ferri, CEO of BlockStar, who speaks to Forbes. "When people are confident in the new financial environment and start using it, a better security infrastructure will be needed. If this happens, more people will jump into this space, so a scalable infrastructure will be very important. "

A better security infrastructure does not develop as a change tool, which helps to develop Bitcoin's function as a value store. What do you need? Protocol enhancements to balance the daily value of Bitcoin. On this subject, Ferri said, "If new developments in the protocol will be required to ensure that Bitcoin becomes a tool of exchange for day-to-day transactions, we will need a stability mechanism above the security and scalability mentioned above.


According to experts, Bitcoin helps to reach the new summit, according to experts. The second thing that could be happening is the introduction of corporate money into the crypto index funds. "At this stage, institutional investors are holding the key to the growth of Bitcoin," said Darren Marble, CEO of CrowdfundX. Concerns about liquidity, security, counterparty risk and asset protection prevented the purchase of Bitcoin by institutional investors in decentralized stock markets. Only the regulated exchanges such as tZERO, Coinlist or NASDAQ begin to work with secondary cryptographic processing platforms and smart money directly invests in Bitcoin. Once this is done, the covers of the dams will be opened and we will see the emergence of a new paradigm; the crypto money market will surpass 1 billion dollars and Bitcoin will travel to the highest summit of all time. "

The third thing that will enable Bitcoin to reach the new summit is the growth of crypto-related ETFs

BitcoinIRA. "The funds traded on the Crypto-related exchange can allow for simpler transactions through intermediary accounts, which will contribute to the growth of Bitcoin and other crypto-money," said Chris Kline, co-founder and COO.