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3 Types of Content You Need to Stop Sharing Immediately

If the content you are sharing does not get a response, and if it is stationary, you are doing one of the 3 things I will refer to below. So save yourself and freedom from these memorized strategies. I think it will help you to make the same mistakes.

You can simply advance the company by changing the style of content you have created

Generic Content

One of the biggest mistakes of initiatives is to share generic, mass-produced content. We can see it in different forms. Most of the marketers are produced abroad and are giving out irrelevant content that adds no value to their consumers.

Some examples:

What is content marketing?
How to lose weight? (He does not give anything less than exercise a lot)
What should you have to travel around the world?
There are dozens of examples available. Such content has already been written thousands of times.

While the other generic content is the old one by heating it and putting it in front of the kitten. It’s a bad idea to add something to your old stuff and mix it with the rest of the world. Confidence in you and your mark is damaged.

Generated content to fill gaps

If there is something worse than generic content, it is content that is produced to fill in the blanks.

Instead, every content you produce must be clear and clear. It can be a product presentation, a content that guides an informative title or a topic in a consumer issue …

“Stuffed” content does not even have a place on the editor’s calendar. If you just type in your website to fill in the blanks, you should stop immediately. Share content once per week from content produced to fill gaps every day, but get it to share properly.

There are some questions that you should ask yourself before producing any content:

What is the purpose of this sharing?
Who am I writing for?
What can I do to benefit from it?
What problem can I solve?
If your sharing does not answer them, it’s not worth sharing.

Very short content
Do not share short content. The main idea emerges.

Short content can work for very specific audiences and markets, but if you are reading this article, you are not counted on them, which is not even me.

If people click on your content to read an article and see a content of 300-500 words on their own, then you are deceiving them.

I want to dive deeply and want to learn the details.

Let’s think I wrote an article about facebook marketing. “Your ad must include blue and red colors. After sharing, share. Share what you want in your ad. ”

that is all.

Can I get hold of with such content? No way.

You should spend time on quality content. Your kitten has to learn something new when he reads it. You must build trust.

As a result;

Creating an excellent content is not a child’s play. You need to know what kind of content you want, as well as the kinds of content. Require deep knowledge in specific areas. It must be unique and meaningful content. The end result of investigations that last for hours.

None of them are easy but they are all worth.

Your business will undergo a major transformation when you stay away from the 3 types of content I have mentioned above. You will get more respect.

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