30 percent of people find it convenient to follow their spouse digitally

According to the survey organized by Kaspersky, a security company, 30 percent of people think it’s okay to use tracking software to spy on and stalk their spouse.

With the widespread and practical use of the Internet, we are involved in social life as much as in real life. This situation can reach a level that can be isolated from real life from time to time. Sometimes for work, sometimes as a casual act, sometimes for socializing. internet and social media environmentcan cause us to distance ourselves from the people close to us and cause their reaction.

Due to this situation, which sometimes leads to crises of trust and jealousy, especially between spouses, the spouses in order to follow they can use some software, programs and applications. Although using this method is not seen as ethical, some spouses may find it normal.

30 percent find it ethical


According to a survey conducted by security company Kaspersky with the participation of more than 21,000 people with past relationships in 21 countries, 30 percent of people He thinks it is ethical to monitor and stalk their spouses’ activities in social and digital environments. These applications are generally offered for the purposes of parents controlling their children.


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According to the results of the survey, 64 percent of those who thought it was appropriate to monitor their spouses said they would do so if they thought they were being cheated, while 63 percent said they would do so if they had a safety concern. 74 percent of those surveyed also use technology. bullying or cruelty He said they weren’t hurt. 83% said they would confront their partner once they found a tracking device on their device. So, do you find it appropriate to follow your lover and spouse in this way?

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