35 Minutes of Exercise a Day is Effective Against Depression


According to the study of Harvard scientists, 35 minutes of exercise per day provides a great advantage in combating depression. Moreover, exercising benefits people who are genetically susceptible to depression.

One of the biggest problems of our age depression. As if the stress and problems in our daily life were not enough, we have been trying to cope with the effects of the pandemic on our lives for more than a year. Harvard experts his new study reveals that exercising can help us a lot at this point.

According to the research done exercising for 35 minutes a dayreduces the risk of depression for everyone, including those who are genetically predisposed to depression. Moreover, this effect is very strong.

Exercising is protected from depression


Depression and Anxiety According to the article published in the journal, a few hours a week People who exercise and higher are much less likely to be diagnosed with a new episode of depression. Even even genetically at risk for depression at a lower rate of depression.

The lead author of the study Carmel ChoiAccording to the findings they obtained in his statement, he says that genetics do not determine our destiny regarding depression. According to Choi being physically activehelps protect people from depression.


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The researcher also 35 minutes of additional physical activity per day He also states that it can be sufficient to reduce the risk. The shape of this exercise is almost not important, so doing high-paced jogging and simple tilt and stretching movements are almost as successful in combating depression.

The risk of depression decreases with increasing exercise time



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About 8000 people Participants’ health information in electronic environment was used in the study. The results achieved are the results of exercise and the importance of physical activities reveals it clearly.

In the observations made, weekly exercise time risk of depression every 4 hours 17% lower is happening. Although we cannot do much exercise in open areas due to the pandemic, according to this research, we can get through the process we are in more easily by doing sports at home.

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