360 Degree Panorama of Mars from NASA [Video]

NASA shared a 360-degree panorama of Mars, the extraterrestrial region where its research is most concentrated. The video, created by combining nearly 1000 images obtained by Perseverance, will make you feel like you are on Mars.

NASA’s new exploration vehicle that landed on Mars in the past months Perseverancecontinues to offer a new perspective on the Red Planet with the images it has sent. Recently, he posted a new video on YouTube. NASAshared a 360-degree panorama of Mars with space enthusiasts.

As you can imagine, the video shared by NASA allows us to see Mars through the eyes of the Perseverance rover. 360 degree Thanks to its structure, we can turn the image in the direction we want, and in the video, the Perseverance reconnaissance vehicle tracks the tire tracks on Mars and starts to move away Ingenuity We can also see the Mars helicopter.

in perseverance

The 360-degree panorama of Mars shared by NASA was created by combining 992 images taken between April 15-26. 2.4 billion pixels extraordinary job. In addition, as you can imagine, the sounds you heard in the video were not obtained during the shooting of the images. Instead, another sound recorded in February was used.

Having successfully completed the first phase of its mission on the Red Planet, Perseverance now activates its scientific tools such as automatic navigation and sampling system. Crater LakeIt will begin researching Mars and gather information on the geological history of Mars and whether there has been any life on the planet before.

360-degree panorama of Mars from Perseverance’s camera

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