3D printer Anet ET4 in the test: theoretically good


Anet promises with the ET4 a cheap 3D printer with touch screen control, filament and level sensor. He prints well now, but that was a lot of work.

In the last few weeks, we have mainly dealt with SLA printers such as the Elegoo Mars (test report) or the Anycubic Photon (test report). They harden special resin with UV light and are especially suitable for smaller objects with extremely high resolutions. Now it has again a printer who works on the cheap and proven FDM process, made the editors.

Our previous favorite in this environment is Ender 3 (review). At first glance, it looks like old iron compared to the Anet ET4. But old hands know: For a good printed image much more than a good equipment of the printer.

The technical data of the Anet ET4 are impressive. The print room is significantly larger at 220 × 220 × 250 mm than with SLA printers or the inexpensive FDM printers Wanhao Duplicator i3 Mini (test report) or the Xyzprinting Davinci Mini W + (test report). The pleasingly flat and heated print bed made of glass not only looks chic, it also provides us with an amazingly good adhesion. Thanks to an attachable sensor, automatic leveling is possible. Although this is not as comfortable as with a permanently installed sensor, considering the low price but still a welcome addition. An integrated filament sensor detects if the filament breaks or comes to an end. The printing process is then paused and can be continued after filling. Even after a power failure, the ET4 usually continues printing without any problems, at least for a single test that worked.

The printer arrives neatly packed at the customer. The padded carton contains the pre-assembled base including the print bed, the top and the mounted printhead. Also included is a bag of screws, tools, USB card reader including Micro SD memory card and 10 meters of white PLA filament. Also a coil holder and a cold device cable are included. The assembly instructions included in the scope of delivery are very concise, but at least neatly illustrated and easy to understand.