3D printer: Creality builds inexpensive 3D printer with auto calibration

The Chinese company Creality finances the on Kickstarter 3D printer CR-6 SE. This should give you an introduction to 3D printing. The system is therefore inexpensive. Supporters can get the printer for around $ 320. The campaign runs until the beginning of June, but has already received 1.8 million euros from 5,350 supporters and is thus financed.

Job market

  1. SCHUFA Holding AG, Wiesbaden
  2. NOVENTI Health SE, Mannheim

The CR-6 SE should make sense for beginners. Nevertheless, the system is delivered in a kit and must be set up before use. This procedure should take a few minutes, as parts such as the extruder and the pressure arm are delivered partially assembled. In addition, the straightening of the heated pressure bed should be eliminated. The device is automatically calibrated by an optical sensor on the print head. The first level of a print should be particularly precise and adhere well to the print bed.

The CR-6 SE can create models with a maximum size of 235 x 235 x 250 mm in its open print space. So it is not the Creality printer with the largest print volume. The extruder can heat up to a maximum of 260 degrees Celsius and is connected to a single filament roll. Two-color printing is not possible here.

Creality revised the cooling system. This should now be a bit more efficient and quieter than before. A filament sensor also detects when the printer is running out of filament. The machine then stops the printing process and continues when a new roll is installed. The system is controlled with a 4.3-inch touchscreen.

Creality CR-6 SE (Image: Creality)

A good start into the 3D printing world

Youtuber like 3D printing nerd and Naomi Sexycyborg Wu have already been able to try out pre-series models of the printer. They see the system as a sensible introduction: it is better than previous Creality printers and delivers good printing results. Criticisms are the rather average sized pressure chamber and the extruder, which at 260 degrees Celsius is not compatible with all filaments.

The CR-6 SE is scheduled for delivery in August 2020. Since the delivery is made directly from Shenzhen in China, delivery to Europe costs an additional 50 euros. VAT and customs costs could also be added.

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