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Good cancellation and exchange policies are a double-edged sword. On the one hand, they ensure trust among new customers and lower the inhibition threshold for online purchases. At the same time, they are real cost drivers. Which measures should online shop operators – regardless of the product segment – take to Cancellations and returns to keep it at a manageable level? ChannelAdvisor, provider of cloud-based e-commerce solutions, gives four effective starting points against the cost drivers.

1. Deliver what is wanted

This tip may sound trivial at first, but it has it all. Because misleading product information can arouse false expectations in customers – for example, if product images show more items than are actually included in the scope of delivery. Brand manufacturers and retailers should therefore carefully examine images – with a view to the correct representation of articles, color variants and number of products. It is also worth paying close attention to the title, descriptive text and bullet points of the product data. If something is potentially confusing, there is sure to be a better way of communicating the right content. Additional images can also help here. Successful e-commerce specialists routinely check whether their offers are complete and meaningful.

2. Realistic sales forecasts

Over-selling is worse than an empty warehouse – because customers then buy products that de facto no longer exist. If an ordered and paid item is no longer available, this annoys the customer. Even worse: Negative word of mouth and reviews have a lasting impact on sales. Especially traders who are active on several marketplaces should therefore not take the subject of over-selling lightly. Anyone who wants to protect themselves from this or who is currently planning a sale, better set up a buffer. This way, the risk can be minimized or even eliminated entirely.

To get a better feel for the expected sales figures, a look at previous sales promotions can help. Even if sales can never be predicted with one hundred percent accuracy: With a little leeway, sellers are on the safe side. A platform like ChannelAdvisor also synchronizes the inventory across all sales channels. This reliably minimizes the risk of overselling.

3. Avoid returns through fast fulfillment

Long delivery times can lead to customers changing their minds. Experience has also shown that subsequent delays often lead to order cancellations. Therefore, sellers should send their products as quickly as possible. To potential Problems in shipping logistics e-commerce professionals sit down with their fulfillment team on a regular basis and go through processes and systems together.

The devil is often in the details: Do products have to be shipped on weekends in order to keep up with demand? Are there days when personnel reinforcement is necessary? Or on the contrary, times when there is less to do? Effective personnel planning helps to reduce the stress for everyone involved – especially as important deadlines for shipping get closer. This ensures that everything runs smoothly even before the large number of customers.

4. Returns: Quality is the key

In marketplaces in particular, high product quality is crucial. Regular checks help to remedy fundamental quality problems. Who prevents defective products Getting into the sale and to the customer at all, not only avoids possible returns and a refund of the purchase price. This also has a direct effect on your own image.

ChannelAdvisor networks and optimizes global trade with a cloud-based e-commerce platform. For nearly two decades, retailers and brands have relied on ChannelAdvisor to sell more online, open up new sales channels and audiences, improve operations – and get even more competitive with accurate analysis. Whether on Amazon, eBay, Google, Facebook or hundreds of other channels: ChannelAdvisor supports customers in increasing their sales and optimizing fulfillment. (sg)

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