400 percent price increase: webcam prices explode

Home office has become the norm for millions of Germans and this is also reflected in the demand for webcams and their prices. If you don't have one yet, you have to dig deep into your pocket.

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A Logitech HD Pro C920 for 175 euros? Nothing unusual in the corona crisis. Since the price is regulated by supply and demand and the latter has risen sharply, the webcam, which normally costs around 55 euros, is now sold for around three times the price.

The only slightly better one Logitech C925e is also sold from 175 euros, although there are certainly dealers who charge 250 euros for the device, if it is available at all. Before the crisis, the price was around 60 euros.

There are also significantly simpler branded products from reputable dealers not less than 100 euros, with price comparisons often showing lower prices – but then it turns out that the camera is not available at all. In some cases, no-name models are even cheaper.

The Statista portal shows that a price increase of 400 percent must be assumed for webcams. This is the sample item that has become the most expensive. Hair cutting kits are said to have price increases of 319 percent Statista with a view to products popular with the pandemic at Amazon and Amazon Marketplace.

Employers are responsible for office equipment

The problem is particularly hard on the self-employed and employers who need video conferencing solutions for themselves or their employees in order to remain fit for work in the crisis. Basically the employer is responsible for the office equipment of his employees, but that should be difficult at the moment. What remains are the employees' smartphones, on which Zoom, Skype and many other conference solutions also run – or just the deep grip on the wallet.

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