450 MHz: Federal Network Agency commits itself to new frequency allocation

The Federal Network Agency wants to allocate the frequencies in the 450 MHz range to energy providers. The agency announced this on July 29, 2020 known. To this end, the Presidential Chamber of the regulator has published a draft consultation. The area is to be reallocated by December 31, 2020. However, the Federal Network Agency’s draft is subject to the Federal Government’s decision.

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“The frequencies in the 450 MHz range are particularly well suited for setting up a nationwide, highly available and, at the same time, fall-proof radio network infrastructure for controlling supply networks”said Jochen Homann, President of the Federal Network Agency. The frequencies are to be awarded in a tendering process

With the frequencies in the 450 MHz spectrum, only data rates of 1 to 5 Mbit / s are achieved. There are two 4.74 MHz (451 to 455.74 MHz and 461 to 465.74 MHz) to be allocated.

In September 2019, the Advisory Board of the Federal Network Agency spoke out in favor of continuing to provide communication based on 450 MHz radio technology to the energy industry.

In January 2020, the Federal Network Agency launched a needs assessment process. After examining the comments received, there is now a draft award decision.

The Federal Ministry of the Interior has so far stressed the need for the police, fire service and emergency services “There is no question about secure and highly available data communication”. There is no alternative: “450 MHz is the only useful and possible frequency range in the long term.” Their Tetra digital radio network currently delivers peak values ​​of 28.8 kbps. There are “considerable doubts attached”The providers had previously stated that the Federal Agency for Digital Radio of the authorities and organizations with security tasks (BDBOS) could provide the energy industry with a functional network for shared use by the end of 2021.

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