4K 60 FPS Game Support Finally Arrives in God of War

With the update available to PlayStation 5 owners as of today, God of War finally has 4K 60 FPS game support. With the update, it is possible to play the game both at a higher frame rate and at a higher resolution.

The latest for PlayStation 4 players in 2018 God of War The game promised a magnificent experience to gamers with its graphics and story. PlayStation 5, backward compatibility Thanks to its feature, it was already able to run God of War, but as of today, the new God of War update, released free of charge to all PlayStation 5 owners, will give even players who finished the game a restart.

One of the most important features that PlayStation 5 promised gamers was to offer a high resolution and frame rate game experience. God of War’s latest PS5 update is the popular action adventure game for gamers At 4K resolution with 60 FPS frame rate makes it possible to play.

God of War 4K

In fact, God of War already offered players 4K resolution and 60 FPS frame rate support. The problem, by now, has been that gamers had to choose between these two options. So when we choose 4K resolution the frame rate 30 FPS; Resolution also when you select 60 FPS frame rate 1080p’ye was falling.

As we mentioned at the beginning of our news, the update in question free to all PlayStation 5 owners will be presented as. Sony Santa Monica Studio, the developer of the game, underlines that in order to open God of War in 4K 60 FPS mode, the PS5 must be connected to a 4K display.

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