5 Netflix Originals Productions Won 7 Oscars In Total

Five different Netflix Originals, which were nominated at the Oscar Awards Ceremony held last night, won seven Oscars in different categories. Netflix had 35 nominations this year with 16 productions in total.

Although the Oscar awards have been damaged in recent years and have become the target of criticism, they are still very important for the world of cinema. In recent years, it is one of the biggest controversy topics for both the Oscar awards and many festivals. They were Netflix productions.

In the focus of discussions, whether Netflix productions can participate in festivals, Whether he could be nominated for an Oscar had. In the shadow of all these discussions, Netflix productions also participated in festivals, were nominated for an Oscar and received an award. Considering the pandemic conditions, it does not seem possible for these discussions to reappear, considering that almost all movies are only available on online streaming platforms. Netflix at the ceremony last night seven awards can also be considered as a proof of this.

35 nominations with 16 productions:

my octopus teacher


Another Exquisite Film by Chloé Zhao who won the Best Director Award at the 2021 Oscar Awards: The Rider

Netflix, to the ceremony held last night 16 productions and 35 nominations joined with. Seven of these nominations took the tiny Oscar statue and returned home. Of these productions MankWhile embracing the award in the categories of ‘best cinematography’ and ‘best production design’, another two award-winning productions were awarded in the categories ‘Best make-up and hair design’ and ‘Best costume design’. Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom happened.

Another production that definitely deserves the award it received is the winner of the ‘Best Documentary’ award. My Octopus Teacher. The other two awards leading to Netflix Originals productions are in the category of ‘Best short animation’. If Anything Happens I Love You and in the category of ‘best short film’ Two Distant Strangers.