5-year-old Tesla Model S caught fire at once

A Tesla Model S, which has been actively used for 5 years, suddenly caught fire for an unknown reason, which increased safety concerns. While the driver survived the incident unscathed, the incident raised a suspicion about electric cars.

Every vehicle that Tesla launched, the electric car giant, was able to surprise everyone with its level of safety. But even though they are famous for their safety, Teslas can also cause serious problems from time to time. Here is the last example of this on November 23 Tesla Model S user Usmaan Ahmad.

Usmaan Ahmad, who was driving with his Model S vehicle in the state of Texas, suddenly heard sounds like explosions from his vehicle. Ahmad then pulled his vehicle to the side of the road after these sounds. 5 years old Tesla Model S suddenly stopped after stopping at the roadside. spitting flames started.

The 5-year-old Tesla Model S burst into flames:


Usmaan Ahmad, in his new statement, to the sound of an axle in a normal car on the road likened. But unlike this example, the Tesla Model S was completely intact. While he had parked his vehicle on the roadside, the vehicle suddenly caught fire. Flames concentrated around the wheel on the passenger side.

Ahmad’s flame-throwing Tesla Model S raised a major concern about electric cars after this incident. This issue, which concerns vehicles such as the old model Tesla Model S and X, how the batteries will be as they age was about. The US National Road Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) investigated Ahmad’s vehicle and linked Tesla.

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NHTSA allegedly caused fires in Tesla sedans and SUVs last year. an investigation into battery defects had started. What sparked this investigation was to reduce the risk of fire in Tesla’s old cars. plays with software in vehicles; This was the claim that it reduced the range of the vehicles and extended the charging time.

Going back to Ahmad’s accident; Keith Gall, chief of the administrative services battalion of the Frisco Fire Department, who arrived at the scene, sent a letter to Tesla’s service center representative. that the fire occurred as a result of the explosion of the battery. stated. Tesla and Ahmad’s insurance agency agreed to inspect the vehicle. There is no new explanation yet as to why the vehicle caught fire.

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