500 Million Euros To Google From France


Examining SEPM, AFP and APIG’s allegation of copyright infringement against Google, the French Competition Board found Google unfair. After completing the investigation, the authorities fined Google 500 million euros. Moreover, there is a possibility that this penalty will increase.

The French Competition Board, launched for the US-based technology giant Google copyright infringement investigation completed. Evaluating the copyright infringement complaints of SEPM, AFP and APIG against Google, the board decided that Google was unfair at this point. A Google spokesperson said the decision was frustration declared that.

In the statements made by the French Competition Board, GoogleIt was stated that the parties should meet on the same ground as soon as possible. Otherwise, it was stated that in addition to the penalty given due to the investigation, an additional penalty of 900 thousand euros per day could be faced. Well Google, extra due to investigation 900 am euro If he was going to pay, what would be the final judgment of the French Competition Board regarding the company?

The final fine is 500 million euros.


Announcing that Google has violated copyright as a result of its investigations, the French Competition Board reported that the company 500 million euros fined him. This money is Google’s parent company. Alphabetwill be charged from. However, as we have just mentioned, there is a possibility that this amount will increase.


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Describing the decision as disappointment, the Google spokesperson said that they did everything they could to agree with the parties throughout the investigation process. what they did however, he explained that the decision renders these efforts dysfunctional…

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